Chapter 4: Promoted!

Wednesday, autumn 2009.

I knew I shouldn’t have been so excited about Stiles McGrawn. He never called and I ended learning through Simmi Bachelor’s column that he is now engaged with some other townie. It’s because of turns like this that I tend to keep my expectations down to Earth. I don’t know how I could have been such a fool last weekend, daydreaming about how would it be if me and Stiles had kids. Kids? With a musician? I was sure out of my mind, I guess living in the hills put my head far too near the skies and made me forget about how untrustworthy this artistic type can be. The paramour who tried to occupy my father’s place was quite good with the guitar and see were that has lead me? To bankruptcy! If the woman who gave birth to me had stayed faithful to her wedlock and the vows of happily ever after I would not have to start all over again. I would have a family, a long lasting line of great figures to refer to. But she didn’t. And now I can’t even mention my noble crib. I’m not welcome within my father’s family and I suppose he might think I’m not even his daughter since his ex-wife affair seems to have begun three years after the marriage – just about when I was born.

It doesn’t matter anymore. They are not part of my history anymore. None of them. And neither Stiles McGrawn is. He would never make a good father, being on the road all time as musicians have to be. And I want the perfect family. I want a loving family, a wealthy family with curly haired well raised kids. Well, things might be a bit hard now but that’s how beginnings are supposed to be, aren’t they? Everything will, eventually, come into place.

And my weekend was not all lost. I might not have found the love of my life, but making friends with Geoffrey Landgraab – it was such a providential coincidence to meet him outside work, relaxing on the library – was for sure worth it. He’s been researching infectious diseases now and I happened to had a scholarship on the topic back in college. I impressed him quite a lot and, today, he was the first one to congratulate me. I didn’t even know yet about my promotion when he congratulated me! He was a bit embarrassed when I asked why he was congratulating me and just said he wouldn’t spoil the surprise and that I should go to Morgana’s office right away.

Morgana handled me an uniform and didn’t seem very pleased about me going further on my carrier but it was clear she couldn’t do much about it. Ha! I knew it wouldn’t be wrong to have the right connections. Now, I’m a Bed Pan Cleaner. It’s tons more work and it’s quite disgusting. But we have to get our way up through somewhere. I never imagined mine would be emptying sick people bed pans.

With the extra paycheck, I finished my suite and instead of living now in a garage-like dump, I have total privacy. Oh, Gosh, I deserve such a more glamorous life than this one…

Home grows bigger

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Promoted!

  1. tipix7 says:

    At least her organs are still intact 🙂 I really like the writing style you have, it adds so much to the legacy!

  2. zoxell says:

    I enjoy how you sprinkle small bits of her past in with her day-to-day events. She certianly does have some strong opinions, haha.

  3. xcin100x says:

    I like your writting style. the way you tell us parts of the past, and then jumping back into the present. Very good job and talent !


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