Generation 4


Aliz Paon
Child Aliz
Aliz teen
YA Aliz

Family connection: Yves Bernard and Sofia Paon’s 1st child

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Brave, Excitable, Artistic
Favorite music: Songwriter
Favorite food: Fish and Chips
Favorite color: Pink

Sign: Scorpio


Aliz grew up amidst mixed signals. Her father, Yves, adored her. He took her skating every summer festival, spent hours being the King of her court and even forgave her playing pranks on the toilets and computers around the house. Her mother, Sofia, however, limited their time together to a minimal. She refused to read her bedtime stories, hated when she slept on her bed and would always call for a sitter anytime Yves or her second-degree cousin, Isabel, weren’t around to help taking care of her.

The somewhat shifting grounds of her upbringing caused Aliz to be a moody, borderliner teenager: sometimes a sweetheart, sometimes insecure and always seeking attention and testing limits.


Manoela toddlerChild Manoela
Teen Manoela

Family connection: Yves Bernard and Sofia Paon’s 2nd child

Gender: Female
Age: Teenager
Traits: Brave, Diva, Ambitious, Natural born performer
Favorite color: Yellow


Manoela wasn’t in the plans: she was the unplanned result of a passionate (and risky) night between Sofia and Yves Bernard at the Waterfall Way’s treehouse. Despite being the result of an unwanted pregnancy, Manoela had a happy childhood. She was luckier than her sister Aliz and had both her mother Sofia and her father Yves’ care while growing up.

Such luck was due the time she came about the world: Yves felt guilty for neglecting his family during his midlife crisis and compensated that guilty by indulging Manoela in her tantrums. Sofia had to step up during Yves’ midlife crisis and, being no longer so surprised (or clueless) around children (thanks to the experienced gained through Aliz), she needed less sitters and assumed a greater deal of responsabilities in the day-to-day care of Manoela.

The close interactions with Sofia’s strong personality somewaht brushed on Manoela. She developed a passion for the flair, the spotlight and her self-confidence was barely never shaken.


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