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Chapter 32: Invitation

From: apaon@simail.com
To: sam.sekemoto@valleyweb.com
Date: 7 November 2012, 10:25 GMT +1:00
Subject: About Maximiliano and Tomas’ birthday
Hello Sam,

I’m writing to invite you to Maximiliano and Tomas’ birthday. We’re going to celebrate it – as well as my return home – with a dinner party on Sunday, something around 6:00 or 6:30pm. I’d appreciate if you came.

Guests arrives for Maximiliano and Tomas birthday party

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Chapter 31: Re: Please come back home

From: apaon@simail.com
To: clara.paon@simail.com
Date: 31 October 2012, 06:00 GMT +1:00
Subject: Re: Please come back home
Hi Clara,

It’s been a long time, but you got lucky: the recreation area has just been renovated and got a computer with broadband access. I’m still not a technology-type – you can imagine that at the Barracks is even harder to find free time than it used to be in our house – but I do check my e-mails every now and then. Anyways, I must say your message caught me off guard.

It’s hard, but I try not to think about what happened two winters ago. My behavior did rush our mother’s death and we all know it, no need to say anything. Nevertheless I never considered what I did next as leaving home. I just… took a walk. A long one. You see, I didn’t buy myself a new house and therefore my official address never stopped being Summer Hill 15. In fact, it is the one written on my military enlistment papers.

Enlistment time

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Chapter 30: You’ve got e-mail

From: clara.paon@simail.com
To: apaon@simail.com
Date: 29 October 2012, 19:17 GMT +1:00
Subject: Please come back home
My dearest sister,

More than a year has passed since I last saw you and I don’t have a clue if you still check this e-mail address. You were never that much into computers and I can totally understand you. In a house as ours – or at least in a house as ours used to be – filled with eight people, three of them being younger siblings, it wasn’t that easy to find time to fool around in the internet. Therefore I can only hope… hope you’re up and well, hope you receive this message, hope you’ll accept what I’m about to ask.

I need you to come back. I need you to come home. Much has change since the night of your departure. The sad night of your departure and the last birthday we’ve celebrated together. The unbearable night of our rushed ripening in the face of our beloved mother’s grave. You shouldn’t have left. No one ever blamed you for what happened to her but yourself.

Brigida's funeral

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