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Chapter 66: M of Manoela and Monte Vista

I know we said we were leaving just for a little while. But what was supposed to be a longer vacation turned into something else and we might stay abroad for good. Ya know… since my baby bug cut short my trip around the world, I regarded Italy as the destination I missed visiting and now that we are all here – and the routine we have is much easier than the one we kept in Sunset Valley -, it is impossible not to fall in love with Monte Vista. The cobbled stones street, the green-coloured ocean, the old city center… it is all so beautiful!

Monte Vista

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Chapter 28: It never rains, but it pours

Monday, winter 2010.

First there were a few grumpy looks and complains. Then late movies cravings and a repeated desrespect against the curfew.

What am I going to do with my life?

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Chapter 26: Planning the future

Wednesday, winter 2010.

After leaving school today, Clara and Maximiliano called me asking if they could skip lunch and go visiting the Institut for Modern Art. I happily granted them permission because since Maximiliano has turned old enough to visit museums he has been asking me to take him, but I hadn’t yet found the time. That’s exactly where Clara came in: he started bothering her and being an art lover herself, she felt for the trick.

Clara and Maximiliano at the museum

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