Generation 3

Warning: contain many spoilers! But if you don’t plan to read past generations posts, it might be a good way to get to the ongoing story quickly. Note that all biographies are updated as the story progresses.

Generation 3: CICERO PAON

Toddler Cicero

Child Cicero

Teen Cicero


Family connection: Antonia Paon and Ramon Watt’s 1st and only child

Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Traits: Brave, Couch potato, Neurotic, No sense of humor, Great kisser
Favorite music: Indie
Favorite food: Cobler
Favorite color: Grey

Sign: Sagittarius

Lifetime wish: International Super Spy


Cicero was born weighting 3kg and measuring 48 centimeters and developed quick and as well as a baby is expected to do. He didn’t mind being left with the living room stereo as a babysitter and would gladly crawl all over the apartment, entertaining himself on the way. But his father death while he was still to be born has definitely left deep marks on his personality – even maybe to his unawareness. Since early age, Cicero was concerned about death and feared deeply what others might think of him.

Aware of Cicero’s shortcommings and seeking to strengthen his character, his mother, Antonia Paon, sent the then teenager boy to study abroad at Champ Les Sims. The experience brought at first some strain to the mother-and-son relationship, but soon proved to be worth it. As an young adult, Cicero was able to make friends quite easily – a valuable trait for the career path he chose. His new found charm helped him conquering not only his police partner’s trust but also to deal successfully with one or another embarrassing misdemeanours. Or at least he believed so until the dawn came on him.


Toddler Isabel

Family connection: Clara Paon and Wilson Paon (Keaton)’s 1st and only child

Gender: Female
Traits: Brave, Clumsy, Slob, Friendly
Favorite music: Indie
Favorite food: Dim Sum
Favorite color: Yellow

Sign: Virgo


Isabel is the child Clara eagerly longed for. She’s a bundle of joy and owns a spectacular pair of lungs that she uses wisely. Although one couldn’t say she was a crying baby, when she did cry, no one could ignore her sounds. Thanks to her mother’s abundant love – as well as to a little help from all members of the Paon clan – she survived her parents divorced unscathed.

She enjoys reading and grasp child stories avidly. But her thirsty for books is nothing compared to her real thirsty: it is impressive the amount of bottles her small tummy demands. Little Isabel is the Looney Tunes’ Taz from the Paons.


Child Sofia

YA Sofia Paon

Elderly face

Family connection: Antonia Paon and Zaki Paon (Taymur) 1st and only child

Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Traits: Brave, Genius, Dislikes children, Eccentric, Computer Whiz
Favorite music: Latin
Favorite food: Shawarma
Favorite color: Pink

Sign: Libra

Lifetime wish: Monster Maker


Differently from what the proverb says, Sofia was the calm after the storm. She was born just after all scandals involving her deceased grandmother were solved and her household found a new, peaceful rhythm. Thanks to that, her first years passed without much fuzz allowing her to fully develop her skills.

Troubles began when Sofia aged from a toddler to a child. Her great intelligence caused her to be easily bored… Such uneasiness never abandoned her and once she matured to a young woman it led her far away from Sunset Valley. Despite her dislike for children, Sofia eventually became a mother. By the time  she discovered the unplanned pregnancy, she deeply wished to terminate the pregnancy. Her then boyfriend Yves Bernard – later husband – forced her not to do it and assumed most of the child care.


Adult Yves Bernard

Yves Adult

Family connection: Sofia Paon’s husband

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Traits: Bookworm, Brave, Natural Cook, Neat, Virtuoso
Favorite music: Latin
Favorite food: Tri-tip Steak
Favorite color: Brown

Sign: Aries

Lifetime wish: Culinary Librarian (ACHIEVED!)


Yves met Sofia Paon while she was doing a round-the-world trip. They spent three lovely weeks in Champs Les Sims and Yves couldn’t imagine spending another day away from her. Sofia had to move forward to the next country, the next city, the next adventure and there wasn’t a reason in the whole Simworld capable of stopping her. Shortly after she left, though, fate stroke and took away her aunt Clara Paon. The death of a family member forced her to shorten her travel and head back to Sunset Valley.

When over a phone call Sofia told Yves about these developments, he hastily flew to Sunset Valley. He couldn’t bare the thought of Sofia facing the hardships of life without his help. Things moved fast afterwards, with Sofia discovering she was pregnant and making Yves the happiest guy in Sunset Valley.

Or at least he thought so until  a midlife crisis hit him…


2 thoughts on “Generation 3

  1. tipix7 says:

    Aww, Cicero is such a cute toddler! Looking forwards to seeing the rest of gen 3, when and if they come 😉

  2. tipix7 says:

    Ooh, spoilers! Sofia is so adorable!

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