Interviewing the Paons

One of the families of Sunset Valley’s new elite might lack the honorable ascendency they wished for, but they sure don’t crack under strain. Its currently head, Antonia Paon, received us in an immaculated house and diligently answered to even more questions about the ongoing investigations on her mother, Brigida Paon, at the city’s Police Department. At 32 years old, Antonia is a successful Flight Pilot at Sim Nation Military, a position from which she took a leave of absence until the story on her ancestors are clean sweeped. “We aren’t trying to obstruct Justice. This just can’t be case if we ourselves handled the journals in which my mother layed down her secrets to the authorities”, says Antonia. “We want to protect our youngling, but by no means at the cost of the truth.” Do you believe her? Read the rest of this interview before making your mind.

When did the family find the journals of Brigida Paon?
– My mother kept them hidden under the roof of an old garden shed. We came across them when rebuilding the house, but they were many and I didn’t take interest in them. I was in the Barracks whem my mother passed away and I felt I didn’t have the right to violate her privacy, specially if I wasn’t there for her on her final minutes.

So who in the family read through the journals?
– For a while, they rested untouched. My twin sister, Clara, eventually began reading through them. She started by the most recent entries, but the disputed revelations on my mother’s past weren’t there. Any alleged misdemeanor she might had taken part in was an act of her youth, therefore being registered on the oldest journals.

How long did Clara take to read through all Brigida’s journals?
– Years! On the most recent entries, Clara discovered my mother never had the chance to talk to us about her project to the family: she wanted to start a legacy, to be sure that one of us would maintain this very state in Summer Hills and provide for the younglings. She was a very family-oriented woman. Once we learnt about this dream of hers, we focused on it and worked hard to make it come true.

How did this effort to create a legacy came in the way of Clara’s reading?
– You can’t imagine it’s easy to be a World Renowned Surgeon, can you? That’s what my sister is. It took her many hours of researching, many overnights. The readings of the journals were relegated to her free time, which wasn’t much and got even less when my niece, Isabel, was born. From all we knew, we had already got the most important information out of my mother’s journals. She had a dream and it became our life purpose to fulfill it.

So you are telling me that your family only became aware of Brigida’s cooperation to the Syndicate a couple weeks ago?
– Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. As soon as we learned about the alleged connection between my mother and the underworld of Sunset Valley, we alerted the authorities. We aren’t trying to obstruct Justice. This just can’t be case if we ourselves handled the journals in which my mother layed down her secrets to the authorities. We want to protect our youngling, but by no means at the cost of the truth.

Which emotions did you experience when learning about Brigida’s secret past?
– Not only me, but all of us – my sister and brothers – were shocked, undoubtedly. My mother was a loving and caring person. As everybody else she also had flaws, but I’m sure any wrong doing on her side was made out of extreme love. She loved us so much, she couldn’t stand me or my brothers had anything but the best of it all.

Your niece, Isabel, is unaware about the scandal involving her grandmother?
– Isabel never got the chance to meet her grandmother, being born after her death. We’ve told her a lot about Brigida, of course, and she respects her memory. As I said before, the truth is imperative for me and even if this is a though information to share, we did talk to her about our recent findings.

Where’s Isabel?
– She’s still a child. To celebrate her upcoming birthday, she’s just flyed with her mother, Clara, to Shang Simla.

Two of your brothers are published authors. Maximiliano has debut his poetry on a few literary magazines and Renzo, who is now a reporter for this very house, The Sims Standard, have a dozen of books out. Do any of them plan on writing about this experience? Can we expect Brigida’s journals to be published in full?
– Until the investigations are over, we aren’t allowed to publish my mother’s journals. However, I wouldn’t say doing so is a plan of the family anyhow.

Do you expect your family to survive this scandal unscattered?
– I’m sure we will.

Originally published at The Sims Standard, 1st September 2020. (2)


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