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Chapter 47: Handling scandals

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: The family tries to adjust to the embarrassing discoveries about its founding matriarch, Brigida Paon; while I, Antonia Paon, myself deal with a pregnancy in my late adulthood.

As of the discovery of the illegal activities of its founding matriarch, the Paon household was sent into a turmoil. Much was discussed and cryed about, but past the initial shock, it was agreed that a careful disclosure of the aforementioned activities of Brigida Paon in her youth would be for the best. I, Antonia Paon, my son, Cicero, and my oldest brother, Renzo Paon put our minds together to come up with a strategy to avoid further and extensive damaging to the family name.

First, we took Isabel Paon out of Sunset Valley. It was a preventive measure: we were expecting some heat – news coverage, neighborhood gossip – and we wanted to take it off the girl’s back. So off she went with her mother, Clara Paon, to Shang Simla. The trip, who happened a few days before Isabel’s teenage birthday, intentionally overlaped the beginning of her classes to diminish the risk of any scandal-motivated harrassment at her school.

Clara and Isabel arriving at Shang Simla

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Chapter 46: There is just so much you still doesn’t know

From: apaon@simail.com
To: cicero@simail.com
Date: 23 June 2020, 05:10 GMT +1:00
Subject: Re: Sim Outer Mer’s flight data

Don’t worry, mommy never took what you said to the heart. I knew it was the anger talking and you were so young back then… Not that for mommy you are ever going to grow: you’ll always be my tiny chickpea and I’ll always love you no matter what. So let’s just drop this subject, ok?

I’m so glad you’re coming home. I miss you so much! But before you land I must update you about a few changes in our house. I didn’t tell you until now because I didn’t want you to worry or loose the focus on your final exams.

Antonia dressed as Fighter Pilot

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Chapter 42: At least you’ve got good news…

From: clara.paon@simail.com
To: apaon@simail.com
Date: 30 December 2013, 11:04 GMT +3:00
Subject: At least you’ve got good news…

Hello again, dear sister.

First I must say I couldn’t be more surprised – or pleased – with your latest news! Oh, living in a house designed by a renowned architect… this is not only a dream of mine, but a dream of our beloved mother. She will be so happy when she sees we have the most beautiful house on Summer Hill! And before you say anything: I’m not loosing it. I admit I am a bit stressed, but that’s all. Our parents REALLY are visiting the house. I see them all the time! How can I not refer to them in the present tense if they’re once again among us? The night before I left to Al Simhara, for example, I was watching the news on TV and daddy was right behind me. I swear!

Watching Tv with daddy's ghost

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