Waterfall Way 53

After much struggle with game re-installs, I manage to set the Paons safely on Waterfall Way 53 (Check Simmer’s note for more details on the lot change). The 3rd generation spent a couple days at my interpretation of the Maston Residence, designed by the american architect Carl Maston. I must thank Awesims, who also gave this floorplan a go, for making me aware of Maston’s work.

However, two-storey houses – now matter how hard I try – aren’t inline with my gameplay style. After just a few hours of playing, I blew off a week’s work and started building a dream house again. Again from scratch. This time I chose not to use a RL floorplan as a model; instead I just laid the furniture on the bare terrain and built walls and nooks around it.

Furniture first, walls later

As it turned out, this approach also demanded a couple tweaks. Because I was too generous while building the walls and nooks around the furniture laid on bare terrain and experienced long, boring and laggy routings around the house. Another week’s work into the bin.

During my next attempt to build my Sims’  dream house, I combined a real floorplan – this time the eco-friendly design of the Celo Residence by Samsel Architects – with the “build-walls-after-choosing-your-furniture” technique and I finally ended up with a functional and gorgeous home sweet home.

That’s how Waterfall Way 53 looks like for Paons’ 3rd Generation:


Check out the floorplan and some snapshots of the rooms!

Celo Floorplan

Eating outside


Barbecue area

Living area and kitchen

Master bedroom

Master closet



Basketball court

Love is the air


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