Chapter 3: First weekend in town

Saturday, autumn 2009.

Today is a bright new day and I won’t let any dark feeling shadow my mood. It’s my first weekend in town and I am determined to make it worth its value. I must have some fun, mustn’t I? Since I’m not progressing as expected at work and I still don’t have many simoleon nickels, I decided I’ll go for a round of random visits. I’ll just knock on some door, introduce myself and see what I can get from it. If the boys are staying inside, I’m going to find them. I’m a charming young lady and I can find some joy on a successful love life while my carrier doesn’t take off. After all, leading a family dynasty is one of my deepest wishes. It’s only worth working around the clock if you can divide the fruits of this labor with a beautiful family.

Sunday, autumn 2009.

I guess my first weekend deserves its place on a honor roll. When I woke up on Saturday, I went outside to enjoy the view from my lot and I was surprised by a free newspaper. It seems my name was random selected from a Sunset Valley citizens’ list in one of those campaigns that newspapers and magazines do to raise their signatures volume. I enjoy reading and it certainly won’t hurt to receive some free newspapers on my door every morning.

Newspaper's reading

I started reading the social column just to be aware of the names I should pay attention and become friends to. Simmi Bachelor’s gossips presented me some new names, like Iliana Langerak and Artie Page. Both seem to lead a very low-profile life, despite being quite wealthy. On the possession of such information I started knocking on not so random doors. You know, it never hurts to have the right connections and I like to be around the purples.

I was surprised by Artie Page’s household. He shares a two-floor small mansion with a bunch of friends. They didn’t seem much disturbed by the fact of a new comer running into their house and even let me harvest their garden. Thanks to it, I can now count some grapes on my own backyard, which I started just after finding some lettuce and apple seeds laying on the small wild orchard between my lot and the exclusive beach of Recurve Strand. Thanks to my green thumb I don’t need to worry anymore about fresh food supplies even when I don’t have any money. I just talk to my plants and they gladly answer me with tasteful harvest.

I didn’t pick much more than grapes on Page’s household. He soon started questioning me about my past and my ancestors. I tried to divert his attention and start talking about complicated astronomy theories – that I had never heard of, by the way – but it didn’t work. I flee before the truth about me having an unfaithful gene hidden somewhere came out.

Artie Page

After going to Page’s, I stop by the Langerak’s. Since no one answered the bell, I went to Central Park for a chess game or a free picnic. Luck wasn’t striking on my belly that time, though. It was definitely a day for connections! I met Simmi Bachelor himself on the park. He was flattered by me comments on his latest column and we gossiped a lot. I somehow found his beard attractive and asked if he was single. Turned out he had a partner and the situation was a bit awkward for a few minutes. But nothing that another good gossip couldn’t mend: I just confessed that Mr. Landgraab was quite friendly during his work hours and that no one in the hospital would say that he was so wealthy. I would consider it news, but Simmi did and we were from then on friends.

It was night before I could notice and I ran home for a shower and a meal. In fact, some fresh lettuces from my yard since I still didn’t manage to find the money for a stove. I felt asleep happy about my social progress and woke up to a clear morning with a not so distant bird singing. I’m anxious for my apple tree to grow fully mature. I guess the apples will attract quite some birds from the next door orchard and it will be nice to wake up by birds songs every day.

After my breakfast – some fresh tomatoes I harvested from the Summer Hill Springs just across the street – I went to the Papyrus Memorial Library just to discover that the action in Sunset Valley really happens among the bookshelves. I met all Langeraks as well as the Landgraabs there. I was astonished by how impolite Iliana’s husband can be, while we were talking he burped on my face! I don’t know what she’s still doing with such guy, I really don’t think his blond hair is worth it.


But a day that started with birds could not end any other way but in romance. I ended my Sunday relaxing at the Old Pier Beach and happened to cross my way with a charming red-head music talent scout. The conversation between us was easy and I could felt some magic in the air. I guess I found the man with whom I’ll settle down. Oh, I have to hold my enthusiasm. It wasn’t even a date, just a nice chilling out in the evening… but it’s been quite some time since I kissed someone, so it’s hard not to fantasize about it. Will he be gentle and caring? Will he have soft lips? Hm… I can’t wait to talk to Stiles – Stiles McGrawn, that’s his name – again. He asked for my phone number and said he would call soon.

Chatting with Stiles

Where’s my mobile phone, by the way?

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One thought on “Chapter 3: First weekend in town

  1. xcin100x says:

    I love how Brigida thinks. She seems to be very thoughtful and sensitive about the little details. Your writting is really great, and I love your storyline. Such a wonderful job!


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