Summer Hill 15

After a humble beginning, with scarce 1,300 simoleons, the Paons manage to conquer their first mansion just before the 2nd generation is born. The shed where everything began is preserved to the right of the lot, but receives new painting and windows to match the dream main house. The main house, at the center of the lot, have 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a backyard and is based on a real house plan found at House

Paon's plan

After one generation, the house had more memories than its inhabitants could endure. Children growing up to form their own families also pressured for a renovation. The lot is split into three parts and private apartments for Brigida Paon’s kids occupy the place where once stood the first Paon mansion.

The front apartment to the left has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The one to the right has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a veranda. The guest house to the back has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The shed where everything began is finally demolished.

Small guest house in the backyard

A fresh and bigger house plan is introduced as soon as the family accumulates enough money. It’s inspired on The Robie House, a real house plan by the american architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was never fully finished or decorated since it proved itself conflicting to my gameplay style. (I realized I hate playing with double store houses and staircases.)

On the lower floor, there’s an indoor garden, the garage, 1 suite, 1 bedroom and a guest toilet. There’s also the kitchen and the family room. The upper floor has a large living area, 1 suite, 3 bedrooms and 2 guest toilets. There’s also a veranda. A shy garden frames the house entrance.

Paon's designed house

The third Paon’s mansion is built right before the first member of the 3rd generation reaches young adulthood. It took me a while, and after experimenting with an angular floorplan, I settled for a more conventional one. It has 6 bedrooms, two of each are suites. It also has a sunroom and two terraces. A orchard occupies the right part of the terrain, assuring a great view from the enourmous windows of the living area. This Sims’ house is based on a plan by Leon Meyer, available at House

3rd generation mansion

A view of the kitchen



10 thoughts on “Summer Hill 15

  1. tipix7 says:

    Wow I love the layout, gorgeous! The corkboard display is also amazing.

  2. I just started my legacy (thanks to you and various other writers.) I was just wondering you wouldn’t mind me using the idea of having apartments would you because, I love that idea! B-T-W love the legacy so far keep it up!

    • jurocha says:

      Feel free to use and adapt it, sims3addicted. Even though I never bought Apartment Life (had already unistalled TS2 when it came out and was already with my head on TS3), I really like this apartment style for big lots. I would like to see EA offers some kind of EP with apartments control (door numbers, concierges and so on) for TS3, but while it doesn’t… well, I built my own. 🙂

      Good luck with your legacy. I’ve checked your blog, but saw you didn’t start writing yet. Let me know when you publish the first chapter. I’ll gladly link you.

  3. Yeah thanks i had all of ts2 eps but the last one mansion and garden; and really like the apartments but I love the idea you have with the big lots so thanks.

    And Yeah I’ll tell you when I finish the chapter (working on it as we speak) !

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