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Chapter 31: Re: Please come back home

From: apaon@simail.com
To: clara.paon@simail.com
Date: 31 October 2012, 06:00 GMT +1:00
Subject: Re: Please come back home
Hi Clara,

It’s been a long time, but you got lucky: the recreation area has just been renovated and got a computer with broadband access. I’m still not a technology-type – you can imagine that at the Barracks is even harder to find free time than it used to be in our house – but I do check my e-mails every now and then. Anyways, I must say your message caught me off guard.

It’s hard, but I try not to think about what happened two winters ago. My behavior did rush our mother’s death and we all know it, no need to say anything. Nevertheless I never considered what I did next as leaving home. I just… took a walk. A long one. You see, I didn’t buy myself a new house and therefore my official address never stopped being Summer Hill 15. In fact, it is the one written on my military enlistment papers.

Enlistment time

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Chapter 26: Planning the future

Wednesday, winter 2010.

After leaving school today, Clara and Maximiliano called me asking if they could skip lunch and go visiting the Institut for Modern Art. I happily granted them permission because since Maximiliano has turned old enough to visit museums he has been asking me to take him, but I hadn’t yet found the time. That’s exactly where Clara came in: he started bothering her and being an art lover herself, she felt for the trick.

Clara and Maximiliano at the museum

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