Chapter 5: I’m on a roll

Monday, autumn 2009.

Two promotions within less than a week. Not bad, ham? I’ve been struggling for a simoleon nickel for so long now that I’m even unsure about where to invest my latest paycheck. Now that I’m a Paramedic I can safely say that complaining about the work amount as a Bed Pan Cleaner was foolish. Gosh, I have never before realized how so many Sims are clumsy and absent-minded dolls! On my very first day as a Paramedic I had to attend to a trampling, a choking and a bunch of fire smoke intoxicated victims.

While at the accidents scenes, trying to calm people down and save their miserable simlives, I learned from the firemen and policemen also present that the trampling happened thanks to the combination of a unheeding driver who thought he could control a car while chatting on his phone and an elderly happily reading a magazine and crossing the street at the same time! The fire, on its turn, was caused by a forgetful cooker who let a supper pan boiling for too long. And the choke, well, the choke, was a glutton’s job.

Despite the shock, everybody will be just fine. The old lady will live with a broken leg, a swollen wrist and a few head excoriations for a couple of weeks. At the fire, no one was really hurt, just freaking out. And the glutton has already applied for the next hot dog eating contest.

I was exhausted when I got home, but wanted badly to share all those new experiences with someone. And that’s when I thought about Leighton. Being him as ambitious as I am I was convinced that he would be the right company to celebrate my promotion – as well as joke about my latest work hours. I guess I haven’t written about Leighton yet, have I? Oh, no, I haven’t. I was keeping my expectations low. I didn’t want to go ahead of myself this time and, to be honest, I haven’t thought about Leighton as, well, as a boyfriend until… until we actually became boyfriend and girlfriend. That’s right, me and Leighton Sekemoto: we’re officially dating.

Meeting: Leighton Sekemoto

When I called him it was already almost 10 pm, but he agreed to stop by. We had been chatting a lot on the phone since our first meeting on the Papyrus Memorial Library but hadn’t had much time to hang out due our work shifts disagreement. I told you, diary, library is where the action happens in this town! Last weekend I went back there and met Leighton. We started talking over a logic book he was reading and we soon discovered we had lots of traits in common. He wants a large family as eagerly as I do. He also isn’t the panic-type person and he even told me about a time when he extinguish a fire at his place all alone. His braveness didn’t impress me, since I kinda of expect it on a man, but the fact that we shared so much certainly did. We kept talking until someone complained about our voices being too loud for a library atmosphere and that was a perfect excuse for a long sequence of amorously goodbye hugs.

Meeting and flirting Sekemoto

A boy who makes a girl laugh

A meaningful hug

We are so much alike that I remember the thought of us becoming friends with benefits crossing my mind while we were chatting once. And it was it. A second. A glimpse. I guess I was all defensive after Stiles and I avoided every romantic fantasy. But there he was, on a Monday night, listening to my day narration, giggling at my medical inside jokes and showing real interest in my carrier progress. He even complimented my lot’s view – I know it’s great but for an ambitious Sim I thought the poor house would draw much more attention than the outstanding plateau location. Inebriated by his Nisei charm, I confessed my attraction and we ended up kissing. And kissing.

Nice view

First kiss

And making out.

Making out for the first time

I was melting already when he held my hands and kept looking deeply into my eyes for long minutes. I thought he wanted to propose us going steady or something but was far too nervous. So… I did it. Out of the blue. I proposed us going steady! He didn’t dare to say no. Actually he quickly accepted and seemed relief. After all, I did take the risk of being rejected from his shoulders. If Sunset Valley was a casino, I would say that now my time has come. I’m on a roll!

Hold hands

A long minute

Going steady

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