Generation 2

Warning: contain many spoilers! But if you don’t plan to read past generations posts, it might be a good way to get to the on going story quickly. Note that all biographies are updated as the story progresses.

Generation 2: ANTONIA PAON

Toddler Antonia

Child Antonia

Teenage Antonia

Young Adult Antonia

Adult Antonia


Family connection: Brigida and Leighton’s 1st child; Clara’s twin

Gender: Female
Age: Deceased
Traits: Athletic, Light Sleeper, Can’t Stand Art, Brave, Neat
Favorite music: Latin
Favorite food: Lobster Termidor
Favorite color: Spice berry
Sign: Leo

Lifetime wish: Become an astronaut


Antonia’s character was profoundly affected by her mother’s dark side – even though she didn’t know by the time she was born that her mother had one. The fretful personality and the light sleep habit could somehow be results of Brigida’s side jobs while tiny Antonia was still being cooked. Eager to fit in a family that looked so noble – and so different from her wild ways – she couldn’t stop asking about her ancestors and, one day, she ended discovering the darkest family secret: her parents have hidden from all the children that a certain Uncle Sam was, in fact, a half-brother. The revelation devastated her and caused the precious relationship she had with Brigida to break.

The skies were still cloudy at the Paon’s household when Brigida’s heart gave out and Antonia, feeling guilty of her mother’s death, packed a few clothes, emptied the pork-shaped safe her sister kept as a teen and left home. She wandered for a few days around Sunset Valley, hiding from her family and crashing at her best friend – Kyle Page – house. Facing her mother’s death cause her to ripen and her first act as a young adult was to join the Simworld Army. The one who once questioned authority was then embracing it. To avoid thinking about the past, she filled her days with tough exercises and acquired quite some muscles… but when her sister, Clara, learned her whereabouts and wrote a message urging her to come back home, she realized that the main muscle in her body was still as soft and breakable as ever.


Toddler Clara

Child Clara

Teenage Clara

Young Adult Clara

Adult Clara


Family connection: Brigida and Leighton’s 2nd child, Antonia’s twin
Spouse: Wilson Keaton (divorced)

Gender: Female
Traits: Brave, Good, Slob, Hopeless Romantic, Insane
Favorite music: Kids
Favorite food: Peanut butter and jelly
Favorite color: Green
Sign: Capricornus

Lifetime wish: World-Renowned Surgeon (ACHIEVED!)


Clara inherit the best of both family sides: since the first day of her life she is both good as her father and brave as her mother. A music lover, she also mastered the xylophone even before she was able to walk all by herself. But can a promising beginning assure a happy end? At least until her teenager years, no one had a reason to doubt that: she got herself a part-time job at the Divisadero Budget Books, looked after her younger brothers and chose the safe path of a medical career.

But unfortunate events – her mother’s death, followed by her sister running away from home and her father’s death – made the perfect girl fall from heaven. Overnight she saw herself alone, dealing with three teenagers and having to sustain a house. Yes, she got herself a position at the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital, but the loss of her beloved ones and the constant stress of balancing family life and work marked her forever. She developed crazy manias and sometimes she even caught herself talking nonsense to herself.

In an attempt to assure Brigida’s wishes for a Paon dinasty, but still afraid of what to do next, she discovered Antonia’s whereabouts and urged her to come home. She hoped that together they could find a way to be happy again.


Toddler Renzo

Child Renzo

Teenager Renzo

Young Adult Renzo


Family connection: Brigida and Leighton’s 3rd child

Gender: Male
Traits: Excitable, Hates the Outdoors, Brave, Schmoozer, Artistic
Favorite music: Indie
Favorite food: Waffles
Favorite color: Blue
Sign: Virgo

Lifetime wish: Professional Author


Renzo is the reason why Sam, Leighton’s son with a high school girlfriend, left the Paon’s state.
Until his teenage years, he didn’t know that though. His sister, Antonia, was the one who revealed the truth about the until then called “Uncle Sam”. Knowing that Leighton had a son outside the wedlock and that Brigida forced the two of them to lie about their true relation cause but of his older sisters to fret. But not him. Renzo kept doing just fine. It was his nature since childhood: always look to the bright side of the story and find joy on the smallest things.

So he had another brother. So his parents didn’t want he to know every detail about their past. OK. For Renzo, it just meant that he had quite a story for a yet to be written biography. In his late teenage years, he developed a growing interesting in writing – abandoning science, since it meant he would need to be outdoors and he couldn’t enjoy it – and what others saw as bad luck, he saw as an exciting story to tell future readers.


Toddler Maximiliano

Child Maximiliano

Teenager Maximiliano

Young Adult Maximiliano


Family connection: Brigida and Leighton’s 4th child; Tomas’ twin

Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Traits: Artistic, Clumsy, Brave, Charismatic, Lucky
Favorite music: Kids
Favorite food: Stu surprise
Favorite color: Spice berry
Sign: Pisces

Lifetime wish: Ilustrious author (ACHIEVED!)


Differently from his older sisters and brother, who came to the Simworld by natural ways, Maximiliano and his twin, Tomas, were born after an emergency C-section. Despite the traumatic upbringing, as a baby Maximiliano hardly start an act. He tended to wake up and keep quiet, even if hungry. He would only start crying after his twin, Tomas, started crying himself.

Since the Paons had already achieved the goal of living in lap of luxury when he and his twin were born, Maximiliano spend the majority of his early life among babysitters – many of them just bad, slob ones. But no one should accuse his parents of not loving them enough: Leighton and Brigida kept to themselves crucial tasks as teaching Maximiliano to walk and talk. Since he was able to do so he couldn’t help but go running to the living room to play with his sisters’ doll house and talk about how much he loved Barbie and Ken.

Such sensitive nature made him start painting and writing stories while still a child. An interest that kept strong during his teenage years. But the talkative kid ended developing into a kind of blase teenager. Surely the abrupt deaths of his parents and the discover of a half brother existence caused him more stress than he could possibly then understand.


Toddler Tomas

Child Tomas

Teenager Tomas

Young Adult Tomas


Family connection: Brigida and Leighton’s 5th child; Maximiliano’s twin

Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Traits: Grumpy, Light Sleeper, Daredevil, Brave, Flirty
Favorite music: Kids
Favorite food: Mac and cheese
Favorite color: Yellow
Sign: Cancer

Lifetime wish: Become a Creature Robot Cross-Breeder (ACHIEVED!)


Differently from his older sisters and brother, who came to the Simworld by natural ways, Tomas and his twin, Maximiliano, were born after an emergency C-section. For sure the procedure caused long lasting effects on his personality: during his first days, he didn’t sleep at all and the awful mood from the period followed him through all his ages.

While a toddler, despite being the second twin to be born, he was usually the one in lead. He commanded the time to start crying and the time to stop doing it, when to play and with which toys, and Maximiliano would just kindly obey. One could fear he would end using this natural tendency to leadership to manipulate his siblings, but – thanks to Renzo and Clara, who overcared for him as he grew into a child – he didn’t. Instead he directed his determination and foresight towards out-of-the-box researches. Such interest might have protected him from the shock of his parents’ death: he somehow believed death wasn’t such a big deal. Specially when you were trying to become a Creature Robot Cross-Breeder by adding another metal piercing to your eyebrows…


Adult Wilson Keaton


Family connection: Clara Paon’s ex-husband, Isabel Paon’s father
Spouse: Clara Paon (divorced)

Gender: Male
Traits: Slob, Loner, Excitable, Frugal, Light Sleeper
Favorite music: Classical
Favorite food: Autumn Salad
Favorite color: Orange

Lifetime wish: CEO of a Mega-corporation


Wilson Keaton is the second child of Marty and Justine Keaton. From his sporty parents, he inherited more than one could possible suspect: as his father, he enjoys his solitude and is frequently found by the garden without no one else around; as his mother, he cherish classical music and since teenage years he’s been trying to improve his skills with several instruments. Several attempts with a guitar nearby the City Hall were greatly rewarded and he shared the profits and happiness of having his artistic side appreciated with his oldest brother, Devon Keaton.

His ways and Clara’s crossed when the Paon’s girl lost her mother and father. At first, being nice and supportive to her was just part of his daily routine as a Mausoleum clerk. But as her tears dried, Wilson saw how charming and full of life Clara was and their friendship evolved to a romance and, later, to a marriage.

Unfortunately the fairy tale didn’t end with a “lived happily ever after”. The disagreements started when Clara decided it was time for them to have a child. Wilson, who wasn’t sure about being ready to be a father, couldn’t hide his disappointment when later that year he got himself holding little Isabel: although he loved his daughter, he would prefer to father a boy. Many arguments and awkward silences after, the pair broke up and Wilson left the Paon state for a fresh start.

ZAKI PAON (Taymur)


Family connection: Antonia’s husband; Sofia’s father

Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Traits: Snob, Genius, No sense of humour, Natural cook, Workaholic
Favorite music: Indie
Favorite food: Stu Surprise
Favorite color: Black
Sign: Virgo

Lifetime wish: Bottomless Nectar Cellar


Zaki Taymur’s path crossed with Antonia Paon’s path when she travelled to France in order to meet her eldest son, Cicero. The friendship slowly evolved and after a period of co-habitation, Zaki and Antonia decided to marry. Time went fast and before either Zaki or Antonia noticed they had already spend their whole life together.


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