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Chapter 55: Where’s my mummy?

Now that I’ve visit daddy’s hometown, I totally understand why he never got around creating that bottomless wine cellar he wanted. It’s freakin’ hot in Al Simhara! I mean it: f-r-e-a-k-i-n’ hot, guys! No oh sweet nectar would ever – 3-v-3-r – survive there. But hey, I did got a nice tan: be green with envy, my dear Holy Alto!

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Chapter 54: From France, with love

Visiting Champ Les Sims w8 going to the town’s nectary would be the same as not going to Champ Les Sims at all. So of course I started my visit at the local nectary. I recall father mentioning he wanted to have a nectar cellar once and I have no idea why we never started collecting nectar: I’m sure ready for doing so. The sugar rush is un-be-li-e-va-ble! Parties back home will profit from a bottomless nectar cellar and will be even livelier. So be ready, guys, to join this all new phase with me.

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Chapter 52: Update from the Simworld

From: spaon@simail.com
To: isabel@simail.com, prall@simail.com, kimmy@simail.com, sallyb@simhoo.com, sallyg@simhoo.com, spann.martin@simhoo.com, adrienne.link@simlive.de
Date: 23 September 2021, 08:00 GMT +1:00
Subject: around the simworld

hey f0lks,

waking up in champ les sims surely makes up for the bittersweetness of our goodbye. trav311ing ’round the siworld is x-i-10 and ain’t a better place to start it with than france. plus it turned out is no biggie to visit the place where my missing half brother spent his youth. sofia and sallyb: you can go back to sleep tight and st0p worrying ’bout me. i’m not insensitive; fyi it feels more like a homage to him and i f33l g00d ’bout it. besides taking cicero’s business as a member of the police department, i’m quite sure he’s just into some kind of undercover operation and ain’t a reason to sweat over it.

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