How the story begins…

I’ve been playing The Sims since the first game came out and I’ve always been amazed by gamers who manage to take their time not only to live and to give life to Sims, but also create custom content, participate in challenges and forums. I’ve been an avid reader of different legacies, but must admit I was more of a lurker than a constant voice in The Sims community. So, this week, while reading a new legacy, (Arbor’s Family – no longer available online for some mysterious reason) I suddenly decided I would give it a try, therefore changing my until now kinda silent gaming habits into a family legacy blog.

I’m following the rules described by Pinstar1161 at the TS3 Forums. And, to begin such 10th-generation journey, I’ve created Brigida Paon.

Brigida’s background is a mixture of my decision of changing my lately gaming habits (I’ve been abusing money cheats on TS3 in order to built dream houses for my characters) and also my interest in historical TV series and movies (I was watching The Tudors while creating this legacy character). So, with all poet’s license that the challenge allows, Brigida is one who had been very wealthy, but eventually lost her heiress’ funds and had to start all over.

How will she handle such experience? That’s exactly about it that you’ll be reading on this TS3 family legacy blog. Hope all of us – Brigida, me and you – survive (and have a great time meanwhile…)!

PS: Do you want to know more about the simmer herself, not the legacy character? Check out my portfolio and/or my Google Profile.


One thought on “How the story begins…

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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