Simmer’s notes

My gameplay follows most of the Pinstar1161’s legacy rules, but after a few generations and many botched saves I ultimately chose my own enjoyment and storytelling over details. Here are some notes on bending the rules:

( 1 ) At Chapter 31, Antonia explains she didn’t leave home as her twin sister, Clara, lead us to believe at Chapter 30. The fact is after both of them turned into Young Adults I locked Antonia in one half of the newly built semi-detached house where the Paons were living. I submitted her to a though routine of exercise, cleaning and canned soup meals for a Simweek and, for the sake of the story, this small hide-out was meant to be her in-barracks period. During those days, I kept receiving protests, specially from Leighton and Clara: they would wish to interact (play a game, talk) with Antonia and try to find a door to the other half of the house (without success). So… it was like they didn’t know her whereabouts and kept looking for the prodigal family member. This attempt to contact Antonia was, again for the sake of the story, translated into a e-mail/plead for Antonia to come back home.

( 2 ) At Chapter 47, Antonia Paon mentions an interview to The Sims Standard as part of her plan to tackle the scandal regarding her mother’s – Brigida – past. Although interviewing Sims are a possibility in The Sims 3, this particular one was a pure story telling resource.

( 3 ) I moved the legacy lot from Summer Hill 15 to Waterfall Way 53. I consider this a minor – and forgiveable – transgression of the legacy rules. Since the new JRA International Equestrian Center shipped with Pets was originally designed by EA to be located Summer Hill 15, I experienced several issues trying to keep my legacy home intact; the lot was ultimately botched and the only way to save the family was to start on a clean neighbourhood save. Waterfall Way 53 was chosen for having a similar size to Summer Hill 15 and for being located as the before mentioned lot relatively far away from the city center.

( 4 ) I bought Monte Vista at the Sims Store. I couldn’t resist moving my game there. It is so beautiful! I used the Twallan’s Master Controller to move the family without disturbing networth or family friendship ties.

Money cheats were never used in the game!

If you have any question or would like to express your opinions about Paon’s striving, feel free to write a comment. Here or on a post of your choice. You are most welcome and I’ll do my best to answer your comments as soon and as nicely as possible.

Good simming!


4 thoughts on “Simmer’s notes

  1. Saquina says:

    Hey, are you having problems with The Sims 3 (like glitches or something)? I was just asking cause I was wondering if you were going to continue the Paon Legacy? I really miss your updates and I love the story. I’m sorry for asking, if you already answered that question somewhere…

  2. A few months ago, I had several issues with WA and the Create-a-Tool patch, but they’ve been already fixed. (Un)fortunately, I got back to University and having to study besides the regular job makes playing-time very, very scarce.

    I plan to continue with Paon legacy and even have already two chapters saved as drafts, but the update-rate is certainly going to drop for a while. I apologize for that.

    • Saquina says:

      Oh that’s fine! I can completely understand it! 🙂 I just wanted to make sure, cause now I can still drop in every now and then and see if there’s a new update… 🙂

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