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Chapter 66: M of Manoela and Monte Vista

I know we said we were leaving just for a little while. But what was supposed to be a longer vacation turned into something else and we might stay abroad for good. Ya know… since my baby bug cut short my trip around the world, I regarded Italy as the destination I missed visiting and now that we are all here – and the routine we have is much easier than the one we kept in Sunset Valley -, it is impossible not to fall in love with Monte Vista. The cobbled stones street, the green-coloured ocean, the old city center… it is all so beautiful!

Monte Vista

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Chapter 48: Honey, I shrunk the Sims

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: Life at Summer Hill 15 has a new rhythm after Clara, Isabel and Renzo Paon moved out. The shrunk family, however, didn’t last for long since Zaki Taymur and myself decided to tie the knot.

Dust might have settled over the secrets of Paon’s founding matriarch, Brigida, but it for sure didn’t over the family estate at Summer Hill 15. In a matter of weeks, half of the household members decided it was not only time to move on, but to move out as well. The first to go was Renzo Paon; enshrining his renewed passion for the Simlish language and his new career choice, he decided to get an apartment closer to the Doo Peas Corporate Towers. One could consider a pity he abandoned his ambitions of becoming a professional author and took the Journalism path, I, Antonia Paon, however, am relief he got a steady job and a – if not good, at least good enough – income to support himself and built a life of his own.

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