Chapter 63: A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away

Although just a few weeks passed, it seems it’s been ages since I last wr0te an update to u guys. The last post you’ve seen ’round here was by Yves and u know how THAT turned out. Oh my! We ended having to read an ode to fatherh00d. Hehehe.

Feels like it's been ages

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Chapter 62: You are the King of my court

Oui, oui, that’s Sofia’s blog and you are used to her rantings on children and motherhood. À mon avis, there is much more to our routine than tears and dirty surroundings. Oui, oui. That’s why I asked her permission to write a post myself. Je, Yves Bernard, and my take on our wonderful life. Oui, oui, because it is wonderful to be the father of little Aliz. You should all be very jealous. Oui, oui, who else out there can say he’s the King of her court? Vive Le France!

Daddy, you are the King of my court

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Chapter 61: Yves in love

IK it sounds hard to be1ieve or at 1east a bit DOOFUS, but I rea1ly hadn’t thought of Yves and I getting engaged and married. U guys know how things went down; it seems I was gazing at the stars in Champs Les Sims one moment and then lk 2min later I am walking out of the hospita1 with little Aliz in my arms. GOK how I survived that!

For how long have we been living t0g3th3r? OFC it can be considered a marriage – I hear u sayin’, Bebe. But it tota11y can’t and I am sure Bella will agree with me that living together and being married can’t be equated. I dunno, maybe it was a case of 2BZ4UQ – there was the sitters’ schedule, Aliz feeding and kinda home-schooling – she a1ready learned to read – u know, the fact is I was so OMG! WTF?! when Yves interrupted our routine with a dinner date.

Date night

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