Chapter 66: M of Manoela and Monte Vista

I know we said we were leaving just for a little while. But what was supposed to be a longer vacation turned into something else and we might stay abroad for good. Ya know… since my baby bug cut short my trip around the world, I regarded Italy as the destination I missed visiting and now that we are all here – and the routine we have is much easier than the one we kept in Sunset Valley -, it is impossible not to fall in love with Monte Vista. The cobbled stones street, the green-coloured ocean, the old city center… it is all so beautiful!

Monte Vista

Old town

Old walls

A fountain in Monte Vista

Plus what does really connect us to Sunset Valley? If my relatives were around to hear me – my cousin Isabel didn’t marry or had kids, so once she passed away I was the only Paon still residing in Sunset Valley, folks – I am sure they would scream! But, hey, it is out there: what does really connect us to Sunset Valley? I grew older, I abandoned my mannerism and the internet slang I treasured, I learned how to love my children, but some trace of that impetuous egocentric young woman still lives in me.

Summer Hill 15, Waterfall Way 53, the bonds at the supermarket and at the bookstore seem like a lot to leave behind. But that’s just property. But enjoying a day at the Al Fresco City Market or swimming the afternoon away in one of Monte Vista’s beaches is priceless.

Al fresco

Al fresco II

It is no secret that Yves and I were having troubles and the cracks in our marriage were affecting the kids. Manoela invented a friend. She went on and on about how good this imaginary friend of hers was great at chess.

Imaginary friend

Aliz and I wouldn’t agree on anything. Our relationship had never been so strained.

Another argument with the young lady

For Heavens’ sake, she came home in a police car and threw parties on ever opportunity she had! Yves and I were out the door and she was calling her friends over.



Party Snowman

Hot Tub


Party on!

Coming in too?

Oh yeah, I am coming in

Police: the uninvited guest

What did I see in my mirror back at Waterfall Way 15? My wrinkles and my troubles.

Elderly face

Here in Monte Vista the view is much better. We found this refurbished farm for sale. It has stables large enough to accomodate our mare Sissi and her new foal, Rudolf. It overviews a cliff and from the second floor, we can even see the lighthouse.

What do I see in the mirror here at Veronaweg 25? It is impressive, guys, I don’t know if it’s the sun, this rosie water we bought at a local shop or the fact that Yves and I are slowly getting closer to each other again. But I am feeling younger, I am looking younger as much as Yves himself.

Young again

Yves turn 60

60 birthday

Young again

Young again II

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 66: M of Manoela and Monte Vista

  1. Tipix says:

    Looks like the Paons have found the answers to all their problems in Monte Vista! Lovely pictures this update, did Sofia have some anti-aging potion as well?

    • jurocha says:

      Yes! I was so excited when she got enough lifetime points to buy it – it took much more work than with Yves – that I forgot to take a picture!

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