Chapter 65: Midlife crisis

I should have seen it coming. I should have seen it coming. How did I not see it coming? First the new clothes, staring at the mirror all the time – even while caring for Manoela!

Mirror, dear mirror

Then the obsessive exercising.  Asking to borrow my motorcycle. I didn’t mind lending it; with two kids and a horse to care for, it’s not like I could find time for a stroll downtown. I should have seen it coming. How did I not see it coming?

Sweet ride

Do I sound upset? Do I sound upset? No wonder! How can I sound like myself if rumour has it my husband is spending too much time some teenage floozy?

When Yves first joined the staff of Sunset Valley’s Elementary School I didn’t think much of it. Sure he dedicated less time to nectar making. On the other hand he was around Aliz the whole day and that sounded good for both father-daughter bonding and sparing on babysitters wages. It never crossed my mind he would develop an special interest for a teen.

That's domino

That's a funny story

And she likes it

That's still not illegal

Yes, I’ve seen the floozy around. She was supposedly learning how to play domino. Now I wonder if there is all she’s been learning how to play…

And she allows it

That's funny business

You misunderstood me

Yves swears that the rumors about him and Sandi French – that’s the floozy’s name – are just that: rumors. When I cornered him and asked for a straight answer, he swore nothing inappropriate happened between them. But saying that nothing inappropriate happened isn’t the same as saying that nothing happened, right?

I haven’t seen a thing. Yes, I heard them laughing in the winter garden a couple times, but back then I didn’t suspect Yves. It never crossed my mind he would be capable of cheating on me. Not with a teenage floozy – or anyone else for that matter.

And now he has quit his job at the school. He said he felt the need to do something different with his life, said he felt he was at a crossroads and it was now or never his chance of changing everything.

Wanna a drink?

Brenna and Yves at the pub

Oui, oui

Dancing with Brenna Darling

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One thought on “Chapter 65: Midlife crisis

  1. Tipix says:

    Lovely to be able to read about the Paons again! Rather worried for Yves & Sofia with his recent, ah, changes. I didn’t think he had it in him to cheat (?). Hopefully things work out for Sofia, I rather enjoy her narrative!

    Hope to read more soon!

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