Chapter 64: Yves Bernard turns 40!

Bon anniversaire, nos vœux les plus sincères. Que ces quelques fleurs vous apportent le bonheur, que l’année entière vous soit douce et légère et que l’an fini, nous soyons tous réunis. Pour chanter en chœur: “Bon Anniversaire!”

Yves turns 40

Do u guys still have the French birthday song in your ears as I do? It was FO SHO fanny that we managed to memorize the song more or less for Yves’  party, but man! How litt1e did I know ’bout the potential of this French happy birthday to become an ear worm!

Guests cheer for Yves

Bonn aniversaire

This ear worm ain’t the only bug ‘r0und here these days. U know how it is, Yves and I got carried away and didn’t use protection… After driving back home and putting Aliz to bed, we broke a nectar bottle and well, it turns out that the tree-house is quite the place for some frisky business! I got a splinter on my back and a new baby-bug on my belly.

Pregnant again

Manoela's coming

Someone help!

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