Chapter 63: A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away

Although just a few weeks passed, it seems it’s been ages since I last wr0te an update to u guys. The last post you’ve seen ’round here was by Yves and u know how THAT turned out. Oh my! We ended having to read an ode to fatherh00d. Hehehe.

Feels like it's been ages

My cutie hubby often exaggerates ’bout how fantabulous it is to have children around, but he’s spot on when it comes to how fun it was to spend the day with the fams at the summer festival. It is just a pity that this was the last festival we got to spend with Isabel. AYMK she passed away on Thursday.

Well, I like not dwelling in sadness. We shared nice moments with Isabel this last year – not only the summer festival, but also Aliz’s birthday.

New house, another birthday party and more cake

It was Isabel’s idea we brought the cake outside and enjoyed the party by the pool. I am thankful for all that.

Bringing the fun outside

Aliz ages to a child

Aliz enjoys her birthday gift

We won’t be having a funeral; even if Aliz seems to have gotten from me the “no-reason-for-mourning” gene, Yves still fears that a funeral might be too heavy on her. Therefore we are gonna keep the service as low-key as possible.

In any case, to keep Aliz distracted from this late distress, Yves put up a tree-house in our yard. As we excused her from school during the last few days, she has plenty of time to play on it – and everywhere else.

I've built a tree-house

Playing time

And since we are talking about house add-ons…

Guess u guys who still didn’t visit us – yes, I am talkin about u Kim Kurt and Jules Fouchier – got a sneaky peek from our last house renovation on Yves’ post, right? Yeah, yeah, we did it again. With Aliz growing up, our house needed to be adapted. It was too much of a bachelor3tt3 pad, as Yves put it, for a child to live in. Well, well. I can’t say I miss the old floorplan – we kept my favorite part of it: the hot tub!

My favorite hot spot

Even if our living room is smaller now, it’s much cozier and we got a winter garden plus a stable for my newly acquired Lipizzaner.

Yves paiting in the winter garden

Sissi befriends an unicorn

Lipizzaner Sissi

I plan on makin’ some bucks with my mare Sissi. Anyone wanna bet on her hooves? Maybe I can invent something lk a lighter saddle or what3v3r to make her faster. Yeah, yeah, since I invented the improved Harvester, I’ve been tweaking some objects here and there. Who would have guessed that the taste I got for gardening while pregnant of Aliz would take me to such long ways as developing better tools and eventually shaping my career path as an inventor? I still wanna cash more prizes from the City Hall! Lk how cool was it when the sent me a sign saying I was the mother of invention in Sunset Valley?

Inventor whimp

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