Chapter 62: You are the King of my court

Oui, oui, that’s Sofia’s blog and you are used to her rantings on children and motherhood. À mon avis, there is much more to our routine than tears and dirty surroundings. Oui, oui. That’s why I asked her permission to write a post myself. Je, Yves Bernard, and my take on our wonderful life. Oui, oui, because it is wonderful to be the father of little Aliz. You should all be very jealous. Oui, oui, who else out there can say he’s the King of her court? Vive Le France!

Daddy, you are the King of my court


Taking advantage of the last summer days, we left our cozy home at Waterfall Way 53 for a stroll in the Central Park.

Kind Isabel

Oui, oui, Isabel – chérie, chérie, she’s always so kind to us! – joined us and was the only one who en fait kept up to Aliz’s idea of a cool summer: while Sofia got a sun-tan and I played some football, the two of them spent most of the afternoon in a water-balloon fight.

Summer festival


Hot weather

Water-balloon fight


Hit me if you can

Oui, oui, if I remember correctly they could only convinced to dry themselves and change clothes when hot dogs were mentioned.

Eating contest

Oh là là, how you guys love hot dogs around here. Little Aliz isn’t different. Sofia, Isabel and Aliz competed against each other on the eating contest being held at Central Park. Bon appétit! Oui, oui, I watched them devour a monstrous hot-dog pile. Little Aliz basically ate her height. Oui, oui. Poor thing was nauseous as soon as the contest ended, but couldn’t be prouder of herself for beating Isabel and Sofia on the amount of hot dogs eaten. Oui, oui, neither could I feel any different. I am her père. Oui, oui, her loving, loving father.

Dire me ins’t she the cutest? Oui, oui, je sais, je sais.

Reading the Baking Report

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