Chapter 61: Yves in love

IK it sounds hard to be1ieve or at 1east a bit DOOFUS, but I rea1ly hadn’t thought of Yves and I getting engaged and married. U guys know how things went down; it seems I was gazing at the stars in Champs Les Sims one moment and then lk 2min later I am walking out of the hospita1 with little Aliz in my arms. GOK how I survived that!

For how long have we been living t0g3th3r? OFC it can be considered a marriage – I hear u sayin’, Bebe. But it tota11y can’t and I am sure Bella will agree with me that living together and being married can’t be equated. I dunno, maybe it was a case of 2BZ4UQ – there was the sitters’ schedule, Aliz feeding and kinda home-schooling – she a1ready learned to read – u know, the fact is I was so OMG! WTF?! when Yves interrupted our routine with a dinner date.

Date night

Red roses for my sweetheart

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I looove Japanese f00d and the litt1e Japanese bistro near Isabel’s chalet is just awesome. But rea11y I was lk not thinking. Yeah, yeah, wearing a little black dress and you weren’t thinking? I know your thoughts, Holy-grrrl. Well, I might be a big mama now, but I still know how to party! Plus the summer night begged for nude shoulders. 😉

What  start4d with red roses ended with a ring. But I am getting ahead of mys31f: I promised I’d write every detail, didn’t I, Bella? So hush, grrl. Well, where was I? Oh, yeah, while I went to put the roses on water, Yves finished getting ready – he checked again on Aliz, instructed Molie for the 11th time on how to securely remove a safety-pin and changed his jacket.

Aliz playing

Reading to sleep

Watching over her sleep

We rode a cab to the Itakamisu and were there in less than 15 min. Then came d$nn3r. We shared a wofu tofu salad as a starter. A few bite-size gyozas kept us BZ while our sushi-boat (!) was prepared. Tekka maki, Oshinko maki, Ama Ebi, Maguro and two kinds of salmon sashimi: the regular one and this new one, called Ikura, that I had never tried b4. Delish! Mmmhh…

Still at the Japanese restaurant

At the Japanese restaurant

Japanese dinner

After so much food, I was stuffed! Luckily, I wasn’t the one doing the kneeling. Yes, Kim, Yves got on his knees. We were just out front, w8in’ for the cab to go home when he surprised me.

Will you marry me?

“Will you marry me?” Y-v-e-s Bernard, the French cutie, ask3d me if I – I, Sofia Paon – would marry him! OMG! Needless to say what was my answer. Our wedding happened exactly 75 days after this dinner. AYK, at Saint Sarah Chapel.

And b4 u comment on this post, Mic, I did knew the way to Saint Sarah Chapel! A bride is supposed to be late and I will keep saying I was only fashionable late – not lk so f*****g late as u insist on sayin’. Plus I’m sure Yves never doubted I would come as u dared suggesting, Boyd.

There comes the bride

Yves awaits

Oh, well, seeing the church that full could have made one nervous. I”ll give u guys that. N3v3rth3l3zz I was really happy about all of u that could make it. I counted guests from 3 cities: the local folks, a few friends from France and even a Al Simhara’s acquaintance of my daddy’s family. My mama and daddy might not have been there, but being surrounded by so many friends surely made me feel lov3d enough. ❤ Thx, guys, rea11y! The w3dding ceremony and the following reception were epic only because u made it so!

Guests from all over the place

Sunset Valley guests

Guests from abroad


Isabel Paon watches the wedding

B4 I forget… As I’m attending your requests for a detailed personal account on my feelings on that day – did u see how my skin was glowing, Holy? I never thought marrying would suit me so well! – I wanna also read about your experiences. Yeah, yeah, I am talking to u, Kim. Let’s get down and dirty: with whom did u make out at the powder room? Hahaha. Be77er write me an e-mail s00n, grrrl.

Bride on the dancefloor

Guests at the wedding reception

Wedding cake

Cake time

First piece of wedding cake

I am happy we are married

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