Chapter 58: Bebe strikes back

From: bebe@alto.sim
Date: 07 December 2021, 08:30 GMT +1:00
Subject: don’t panic, ellen ripley!


stop being so silly, grrrl! i know kids weren’t EVER on your plans, but it is not lk any of us reeeally believed u were NEVER having a child. c’mon. our parents did it; if i am the most mature of our friends is just ’cause i admit that if they did it, we are eventually going to do it too. plus u kinda discovered this pregnancy of yours a little too late taking alternative roads, didn’t u? as far as i know, the sacred spleen hospital only allows the procedure within 2 weeks of your last period. since when do you have this bug? al simhara? that’s ages ago: almost 3 months!

Holy, I am pregnant

i can’t say whether yes is a hottie or not; not quite my type. hehehe. i can say, though, that he is really into you. catch this one, grrrl! if that means u are going to be a mama… c’est la vie. isn’t that what they say in champs les sims? here’s what ur going to do: we are throwing a party this friday – no biggie this time, just a few friends over for pizza&board games – and ur coming. no skipping this one. ur coming, bringing yves and telling holy, kimmy and bella all about your baby-bug. we gonna ROFLOL with all alien jokes we can come up with and by the end of the night, yves will be reassured of you WANTING this child. and u, silly, will see that u have friends – not only teh tube – to take care of your baby Y-L you go on to monte vista to learn italian. better be a intensive crash course, though. hahahaha.



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2 thoughts on “Chapter 58: Bebe strikes back

  1. This is just the kind of thing I’ve been hunting for! Fantastic and thank you!

  2. Hello from across the ocean! This is just what I was looking for, and you wrote it well. Thankyou

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