Chapter 60: Aliz in the Simworld

Being pregnant wasn’t a biggie: I had people flattering me on the streets all the time, I got offered chairs 3v3rywh3r3 and doors being pushed open for me by men and women alike. Yves, who was already used to help me around since auntie Clara’s passing, didn’t mind taking care of all household chores. I did my gardening when I felt lk it and I ate tons of cookies without worrying about my waistline – which is ruined to the point where no amount of makeover will be able to recover.

Useless makeover

Useless makeover 2

Being a mum is a whole lotta different story. Can u guys remind me why I let u sweet-talk me into having a baby? There are diapers on every surface of my house now! And they stink – even if they are unused, ok? They smell like cheap cleaning products or like Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital! Two of the same. Ugh.

Mum pains

I feed Aliz – since it seems those smart pants @hospital or @Landgraab Industries Science Facility don’t spend much time solving the great problems of humanity such as how to free the mother of a newborn from the burden of breastfeeding – but that’s as far as I plan on going. For the rest of the day, I have sitters. Loads of sitters. Yves is convinced I have postpartum depression; he’s so infatuated with Aliz that he can’t grasp that I just dislike children. No, it didn’t change with it being my own, Bebe.


Molie, Ashley, Chip. They take turns ar0und here and when their sch00l schedule gets in the way of the job, I even offer them a little extra. Ya know, just to speed the decision process a little.


Ashley caring for Aliz Does it ever gets easier? Does those little ones ever stop crying and grow up? If there’s something I can’t wait for is Aliz’ birthday. Maybe after she’s grown a little and is able to talk, we can have at least some kind of relationship. Ya know, like she can ask to go to the toilet and there won’t be a need for diapers anymore. I would respect her more if she was able to keep at least a little dignity when doing her business.

Plus it’s an excuse for partying and I haven’t seen much action since her birth. A litt1e shakin’ here, a glass of nectar there… is it so much to ask?

Happy father Aliz and Yves Party time Screenshot-68 Cake slice Jamming Screenshot-80

According to Yves, Aliz enjoys music. Whatever he says. If the baby-bug ain’t happy, I might just as well send her in ear1ier and get some finally alone, adu1t-time only.

Toddler Aliz Bebe making out

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