Chapter 59: Totally preggers

This address start3d as a travelogue of my around-the-world trip. However things have changed. As you guys know I am totally preggers now and the farthest I can go is to the toilet. Since Yves is the one to blame for my situation, it is more than fair for him to take care of all house chores. I don’t feel at all spoiled, Bella! I told you once before, darling, that’s what I call fair trade.

OMG I am pregnant

I kinda have a lot of time in my hands now that the morning sickness is gone and the back pains I was supposed to be feeling didn’t show up yet. So I kinda t00k a taste for gardening. Yves’ mum sent us some seeds from France and my produce will soon feed our nectar machine. Among the things I plan on doing as soon as the baby pops is drinking a great amount of homemade nectar! How I miss it!

Cuzz Isabel has also been helping around – she basica11y designed and put the nursery up by herself – and already bought a teddy bear for my baby-bug. But hey, sisters Alto, u don’t think I forgot it: u gonna help feed and bath and take care of this kid! If the baby-bug coughs, who am I gonna call? Busted!

We don’t know the sex of the baby-bug yet, but I have an appointment with the doctor 1ater today and gonna ask. We do know when I am supposed to give birth. In 4 months! Ar3 u ready? Ar3 u guys all 3xcit3d?

Riding with a bundle of joy

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