Chapter 57: OMG, I am pregnant!

To: bebe@alto.sim
Date: 07 December 2021, 08:00 GMT +1:00
Subject: OMG!


from all of us, u were always the most mature. maybe it has something to do with u liking grrrls ang going through some sh*t with your folks because of that when u were teen. i dunno. i am not here to pry. i am just trying to explain why i am reaching out to you; please don’t tell anything i am about to tell you to anyone. not even holy! she is going to go bananas. OMG, i am going bananas over it.

remember when i came back to sunset valley… lk a month ago? well, i briefly told u guys that my cuzz Isabel clouded up and n33d’d some support. she got it and we are past the worst, but the macaulay culking i planned didn’t exactly happen. a few days after auntie clara’s funeral, i got a call from yves. y-v-e-s bernard, the hottie i hooked up with Y-L in champs les sims. i told him about my auntie and Sofia and B4IKI he was on my doorstep @waterfall way 53. he offered to help with the cooking, he brought some french comedies on DVDs for isabel to watch and his family wine. yes, his parents own a vineyard in champs les sims. i couldn’t believe it. seriously, we spent lk 3 weeks together and out of the blue the guy is acting lk u know… my long-lasting love.of course i was smitten. who wouldn’t be? i know u guys would hv helped me around the house if i had said anything, but that’s the thing: yves showed up and took care of everything and suddenly a month has pass’d and here i am writing to you in panic.

the panic part, right? yeah, yeah cut to the chase. it is hard, u know it?!

yves was sleeping in the house and it wasn’t lk we hadn’t done it before. he is a hottie, hello? i kinda got distracted and then the good ol’ daisies and bees story. i guess the problem wasn’t even this time, but our very first one. that bug i thought didn’t go away because of the stress of shortening my trip, attending auntie clara’s funeral and taking care of Isabel wasn’t reeeally a bug. well, if u ask me it is still a bug: a bug that in 9 months plans on coming out of my belly lk i am some ellen ripley.


Daisies and bees

OMG I am pregnant

yes, that’s it. one morning yves saw me spilling my guts out and rushed me to the hospital. a blood sample later… i am pregnant. pregnant! me! how could that have happened? my first reaction was to ask the doctor ’bout u know… alternatives. it is not lk it is illegal to ask for an abortion here in sunset valley! i learned it is not even illegal in champs les sims! but yves was so upset! he was actually happy that “we were pregnant”. we! he said we. lk he is the one going to have his stomach blown up in some white room. long story short, we got into a fight and he is traveling back to champs les sims tonight. he said something ’bout finding a way to forbid me to terminate the pregnancy. i don’t want the guy to go away. isn’t it unheard of a guy leaving because the girl doesn’t want the baby?

what am I supp0sed to do, bebe? i fell for the guy and n0w i might l00se him. but if i opt for not having an abortion, my whole life will be ruined! what ’bout finishing my around the world trip? what ’bout spending some time in monte vista learning italian? what ’bout a good night’s sleep?




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