Chapter 56: Back to Waterfall 53

To: holy@alto.sim, bebe@alto.sim,,
Date: 05 November 2021, 08:00 GMT +1:00
Subject: back without a blast!

Hey grrrls,

i am b-back! i know i wasn’t supposed to be back until the end of december, but with everything that went down i didn’t have a choice but to shorten my trip. in case you missed the obituary on the sunset valley times, my auntie clara’s is taking place next thursday, 3pm. i must warn u guys that even if i am dying to see u + plus show u all the gr8t pics i took during my travel, any reunion of ours is postponed for an undefined period of time.

of course i am OK, u needn’t worry. i loved my auntie clara, but she was a silver surfer for a Y-L now and her passing didn’t surprised me. i am actually sure she is having a blast with mum and pops upstairs. no reason for sadness. well, my cuzz isabel feels things a tad differently. she’s been a mess and i must be supportive of her during these trying times.

Macaulay Culking with Isabel

u guys get it, don’t u? i can’t just go crzy and throw a big-fat-opening-house for my new address @waterfall way 53 yet. i guess i’ll do some macaulay culking, bake some cookies – yes, i learned a recipe Y-L i was abroad – and wait for the dust to settle. resting ain’t gonna make me any damage after all… do u grrls remember the bug i mentioned i caught Y-L in al simhara? with the stress and all, it didn’t go away. on the contrary, it got even worse the last c0uple days and i don’t recall the last time i finished my morning wth8 revisiting my breakfast. Ugh.


hope to see u all asap,


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