Chapter 55: Where’s my mummy?

Now that I’ve visit daddy’s hometown, I totally understand why he never got around creating that bottomless wine cellar he wanted. It’s freakin’ hot in Al Simhara! I mean it: f-r-e-a-k-i-n’ hot, guys! No oh sweet nectar would ever – 3-v-3-r – survive there. But hey, I did got a nice tan: be green with envy, my dear Holy Alto!

Al Simhara is very different from what we all know. Despite the heat – or ’cause of the heat, according to this chick I had lunch with at the local market – people walk around with long linen tunics and funny square hats. Not exactly what I would call fashionable. But it seems to work for them. So what the heck! I got myself a linen dress and it turned out to be quite comfortable. Of course I spiced it up a bit with a golden necklace, but I was still going along with the local costumes.

After my late lunch – it was past 4pm when I landed in the desert! – and sh0pping, I went visiting the wonders of the city. Pyramids put one in one’s place. That I can t3ll. See how tiny I look in this picture? Yes, yes: I’m 7h3r3. Let’s play Where’s Wally – I mean Where’s Sofia!

My adventure didn’t end at the Sphinx, though. How could it have? I kinda of met this guy at my base camp and he told me that some shady international corporation was looking for explorers for a few odd jobs. I couldn’t resist the opportunity. No, no, not to make some bucks – stop worrying about Kennedy’s heads, Aunt Clara! – but to mingle with the locals, maybe meet some papa’s old flame or even find a mummy.

The corp. was called Mogul, or Mogu, or Modu. I didn’t really pay attention at the presentation. What I know is I ended up disarming a fire trap inside one of Al Simhara’s pyramids. As if it wasn’t already hot enough outside! The scorching heat of the labyrinthic rooms of the Pyramid of the Burning Sands allow for a golden, sweet fruit known around here as flame fruit to grow. My assignment was to harvest a bunch of them and deliver to the M-whatever-Corp guys.

They also sent me looking for turquoise and some lost documents. But those were easier to find and all I had to do was take a disgusting sh0wer in a can in the middle of a sand storm. No fire traps.

If I did find a mummy? Well, I did. They are not as strong as advertised. LOL.

But I guess I got some bug down there. Yeah, too much detail. Truth is I’m not feeling that well and couldn’t eat all the falafel I wanted today.

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