Chapter 54: From France, with love

Visiting Champ Les Sims w8 going to the town’s nectary would be the same as not going to Champ Les Sims at all. So of course I started my visit at the local nectary. I recall father mentioning he wanted to have a nectar cellar once and I have no idea why we never started collecting nectar: I’m sure ready for doing so. The sugar rush is un-be-li-e-va-ble! Parties back home will profit from a bottomless nectar cellar and will be even livelier. So be ready, guys, to join this all new phase with me.

Ah, have you paid attention to the pic above? Yeah, go nuts: in France I rented a baby b1ue Renau1t Twizy, It’s so fun to drive around one of those! But the my news ain’t over yet.

Besides eating l0ts, I got to know some interesting people in Champ Les Sims. Like the g33k Albert Fouchier. I would have spent more time with him and his wife, Estelle, if it weren’t for the kids. They hv 3 children! I can’t imagine having a life like that; you know litt1e ones ain’t my fav. So our talks were restricted to two mornings at the cafe across the h0te1. Than I had to move, I started having my cereal in the hotel and got talkin to – and touring with – some fellow travellers.

One of them told me about this mingling meeting with some locals and there I met Edith and Gerard Morel. They recommended me pairing nectar and pancakes. Plus Gerard introduced me to his gorgeous friend Yves Bernard. If you girls ain’t jealous yet, I must say that Bernard is single!

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