Chapter 52: Update from the Simworld

Date: 23 September 2021, 08:00 GMT +1:00
Subject: around the simworld

hey f0lks,

waking up in champ les sims surely makes up for the bittersweetness of our goodbye. trav311ing ’round the siworld is x-i-10 and ain’t a better place to start it with than france. plus it turned out is no biggie to visit the place where my missing half brother spent his youth. sofia and sallyb: you can go back to sleep tight and st0p worrying ’bout me. i’m not insensitive; fyi it feels more like a homage to him and i f33l g00d ’bout it. besides taking cicero’s business as a member of the police department, i’m quite sure he’s just into some kind of undercover operation and ain’t a reason to sweat over it.

mama’s gone. papa’s gone. my half-brother went missing. c’est la vie: kwim? enough with the bummers!

i’m writing to let you all know that i’ve already started a travel blog. it’s gonna be much easier for us to keep in touch that way. who else – rather than adrienne link – still really uses email? lol. you can check news about me and my progress at solving a brainiac puzzle at ah, yeah, guess i didn’t mention it before. adrienne asked me if i could help her solve a particularly challenging puzzle here in champ les sims and i said oh yeah!

stay tuned!


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