Chapter 50: Back in Shang Simla

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: Antonia Paon, Sofia Paon and Tomas Paon travel to Shang Simla. While Tomas visits long-time acquaintances and acts as a hopeless sugar daddy, Antonia tries to convince Sofia to get an interest in martial arts.

Sofia spends on average 6 hours per day in front of a notebook. The abuse of internet surfing disturbs her sleeping hours and causes her to fall asleep during classes quite often. Teachers have called either her father, Zaky Paon, or myself, Antonia Paon, to inform on the situation and recommend a course of action to deal with her obsession about computers.

Restrictions upon her use of technology devices have been unsuccessful so far. She refuses to comply to Zaky’s or my requests and argues that since her grades haven’t been affected by her unusual sleeping habits, we shouldn’t try to forbid her from using the internet. Her lower score has been a B. The idea that her school performance is being enhanced rather than impaired by her late night use of technology devices is seductive; nonetheless I tried to interest Sofia in something else than computers by dragging her in a trip to Shang Simla.

I saw my brother, Tomas Paon, buying tickets to Shang Simla on the evening of February 8th. Having reached the high ranks of his career, Tomas become rather relaxed towards his work hours and decided out-of-the-blue to take a vacation. His decision turned out to me timely as I convinced him to allow Sofia and I to accompany him to Shang Simla.

I contacted Tomas’ former master the same day and arranged to do a course in martial arts. The opportunity to improve my combat skills were sufficient to arrange a paid leave from the service. We left to Shang Simla on February 11th. Once we reached the city, I tried to convince Sofia to takes martial arts class as well.

Sofia agreed to visit the Phoenix Academy. We trained for a whole afternoon and Sofia progressed much faster than me. Our training was, however, interrupted by a paparazzi. He took several pictures from our session despite my efforts to explain to him in my poor Chinelish that we weren’t the Shang Simla wealthy that he was after. The flashes impressed Sofia; I couldn’t get through her for the rest of the trip: she put in her head she would become locally famous by finding a long lost relic and then went on exploring.

While I trained my combat skills and Sofia stuck her nose where it didn’t belong, Tomas lived up to his reputation as a “ladies man”.

The trip didn’t go according to the plan. It was still successful. After six days in Shang Simla and back to Sunset Valley, Sofia had found a passion for traveling. She still spends quite a few hours in front of the computer; her stats, though, went down to 3 hours on average per day.

The skills I acquired in martial arts in Shang Simla also helped me landing a promotion. The barracks were so impressed that I made it to Astronaut as soon as I got back to Sunset Valley. To celebrate, Sofia, Zack and I engaged in several relaxed family moments.

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