Chapter 49: Old age is a bitch

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY:  The aging Paons celebrate Christmas.

The slowed pace of life at Summer Hill 15 caused by Renzo, Clara and Isabel Paon’s relocation didn’t last long. Only a month after my marriage to Zaky Taymur, I, Antonia Paon, discovered I was pregnant. My age hadn’t been an issue so far, but it became as soon as the hCG strip test came back positive.

I had to step aside from my post in the Military immediately since I lost bladder control already in the first trimester. The following months were marked by deep back pain, which prompted me to visit the Sharma Day Spa three times every week. In the last couple weeks before the child birth, I had to stay put in bed due over-swallowed feet.

The precautionary measures taken during the somewhat troublesome pregnancy – such as a huge intake of dishes containing watermelons, weekly massages and plenty of rest – assured my baby girl healthy development. Sofia Paon was born under the sign of Virgo.

A quick learner, Sofia mastered not only basic toddler skills as walking and speaking, but also the xylophone. However, her intelligence soon became a burden: hitherto she gets easily bored, she drops books before she finishes reading them and argues their plots are too predictable and often asks to skip classes under the same arguments.

Dealing with her somewhat special needs kept me busy and I lost track of several transformations: Tomas Paon made Top Secret Researcher and acquired a taste for fishing in his maturity, Maximiliano Paon sold a set of master pieces and found a close friend in a french named Zacharie Molyneux and Cicero Paon made it to Detective. My eldest son, however, hasn’t yet found a girlfriend and I plan on not loosing track of it – even if I am myself already in overtime.

Tonight we are celebrating another Year’s Eve as well as the birthdays of Zaky and Sofia. Zaky, Maximiliano and I planned it on Christmas morning; we’ve invited the neighbours, Cicero’s boss, Diego Briody-Jolina, and his partner, Denise Kearney, and his best friend, Sally Bunch.

Family is also invited. Since my sister, Clara Paon, and my eldest brother, Renzo Paon. are still working full hours as I am, it’s hard to keep close tabs on each others lives. The development of my niece, Isabel, is a constant reminder of the speed of the Time.

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One thought on “Chapter 49: Old age is a bitch

  1. tipix7 says:

    Wonderful to hear from the Paons again (and lovely to see their family gathered for celebration)! I can’t wait to hear more about Sofia.

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