Chapter 47: Handling scandals

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: The family tries to adjust to the embarrassing discoveries about its founding matriarch, Brigida Paon; while I, Antonia Paon, myself deal with a pregnancy in my late adulthood.

As of the discovery of the illegal activities of its founding matriarch, the Paon household was sent into a turmoil. Much was discussed and cryed about, but past the initial shock, it was agreed that a careful disclosure of the aforementioned activities of Brigida Paon in her youth would be for the best. I, Antonia Paon, my son, Cicero, and my oldest brother, Renzo Paon put our minds together to come up with a strategy to avoid further and extensive damaging to the family name.

First, we took Isabel Paon out of Sunset Valley. It was a preventive measure: we were expecting some heat – news coverage, neighborhood gossip – and we wanted to take it off the girl’s back. So off she went with her mother, Clara Paon, to Shang Simla. The trip, who happened a few days before Isabel’s teenage birthday, intentionally overlaped the beginning of her classes to diminish the risk of any scandal-motivated harrassment at her school.

Clara and Isabel arriving at Shang Simla

Isabel cycling at Shang Simla

The Mang Li family receives the Paons


Zen at the Scholar's Garden

Unsuccessful Carpa fishing

Sharing nooodles

Following this move, a meeting behind closed doors with my superiors was arranged. I alerted them about the embarrassing discoveries and the family plans on going public – and clean – with them. Obviously, such news didn’t please the Military ranks: I escaped disciplinary action by a whisker and was forced to take a leave of absence scheduled to last for as long as did the investigations on Brigida’s case.

Before we finally handled the journals narrating Brigida’s secret life (Evidence A: Brigida’s journals excerpt) to the Police Department, Renzo cut a deal with his boss at The Sims Standard. He had been working for the newspaper for a few months and this career turn over helped him to overcome the depressed state he felt in as of the death of his fiancee, Florette Tolliver. In order to have an extended – and exclusive – interview with each of the Paons over the subject of its matriarch illegal actions, he would be allowed to proof-read all pieces on the topic by the newspaper (Evidence B: Interviews transcripts). Some might call it censorship, in between the media offices is still just a favor exchange. This agreement provided us with a thermometer on public opinion and assured us a few hours of preparation before potencial hazardous pieces hit the streets.

Being my mother dead for almost 10 years, there wasn’t much from the beginning that could be done against my family. Thanks to our Criminal Code, where one reads that “only a man, while living, may be liable for the crime, since, with his death, he ceases to be the subject of rights and obligations, occurring the extinction of criminality”. But we could still be forced to compensate the Sim State in case of the uncover of a tax misdemeanor. The investigations regarding this possibility lasted for around seven months. Given the journals didn’t provide details on any particular jobs my mother might had taken part in, they were closed for lack of evidence.

We still made a donation to the State, that helped Sunset Valley set consigment shop for local craftists. It also eased the tensions regarding our family and allowed us to quietly resume our routines. At least, almost all of us. While the investigations on my mother’s case were developing, I found myself to be pregnant. It happened during a visit of Zaki Taymur, an Egyptian explorer I met while visiting Cicero a while back in Champ Les Sims.

I was strained due all the questions I had to answer about my own tax resports and decided I would give myself a break by inviting a friend over. Taymur had been suportive of me when my relations with Cicero were a bit shooked up and his name was, therefore, the first to cross my mind. He welcomed the invitation and it didn’t take him too many kitchen secrets to weaken my guard.

Bonding with Taymur

Your house is a work of art

Love is in the air... again

The result? A bundle of joy we named Sofia.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 47: Handling scandals

  1. Rad says:

    You’re back! Hooray!

    Hurrah for baby Sofia!

    • jurocha says:

      You’re so kind, Rad. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      I guess baby Sofia might make a nice 3rd heiress, she ran Genius as her baby trait, and I love playing genius Sims. *g

  2. tipix7 says:

    Ooh a potential heiress! So thrilled with the update, I missed Antonia’s reports on the family. Such a planned out exposure of her mother’s activities, especially the vacation – no wonder she’s the matriarch!

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