Chapter 46: There is just so much you still doesn’t know

Date: 23 June 2020, 05:10 GMT +1:00
Subject: Re: Sim Outer Mer’s flight data

Don’t worry, mommy never took what you said to the heart. I knew it was the anger talking and you were so young back then… Not that for mommy you are ever going to grow: you’ll always be my tiny chickpea and I’ll always love you no matter what. So let’s just drop this subject, ok?

I’m so glad you’re coming home. I miss you so much! But before you land I must update you about a few changes in our house. I didn’t tell you until now because I didn’t want you to worry or loose the focus on your final exams.

Antonia dressed as Fighter Pilot

Some news have just happened and are good. For example, mommy was promoted to a Fighter Pilot last week and has her own wingman. Your uncle Maximiliano received a certificate from the Chu-Munroe Family Endowment for the Visual Arts for achieving “the highest level in the fine art of painting”. Even though he’s now this renowned artist, he’s still going to make a portray of my chickpea as soon as you arrive.

Other news are a bit older and bad. Your Aunt Clara and Wilson broke up about three months ago. She’s upset with the end of her marriage but it was her choice above all. I believe everything will work out just fine and it’ll be better for all of us. Including little Isabel: she’s already talking, but can still improve her balance on two legs. Your uncle Renzo is also a bit frustrated. He expected to become this great author, but it’s not really happening. After Florette’s passing, he refused to promote “The Riverview follies” and barely managed to finish his last novel, “In the land of last things”. You’re now old enough to read both of them and they might be the last thing your uncle ever publishes.

Trouble in paradise

She can't take it anymore

Little Isabel talking

There are also some disturbing revelations about your grandmother. It seems she worked for some period in her life in some kind of illegal organization. How did we get to know about her past? It was written in those diaries she left for Aunt Clara to find. There she stated not only her wishes about starting a legacy but also a lot about her early life. I’m planning on coming clean in public with this news, but I still need to figure out what crimes exactly your grandmother might have committed and how revealing those news about her without jeopardizing my own career. Mommy will need all your talent to help her elaborating a strategy.

I could have chosen to hide it from you, Chickpea. But I’m not. I’m not falling to the same mistakes my mother fell: in an attempt to protect us, she hided things like her illegal activities and Grandpa Leighton’s son from a previous relationship. As I want the best to you now, I know she wanted it too for me, my sister and brothers. But Grandma Brigida’s choices teached us that a path of secrets and sweet lies is harmful.

Anyways, since you never met Grandma Brigida, I must reassure you she was a wonderful person. Of course she had flaws, but we are going to respect her memory and wishes despite these news.

Grandma Brigida and Little Isabel


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 46: There is just so much you still doesn’t know

  1. Saquina says:

    Nice chapter. Can’t wait to read more. Was about time that Clara broke up with Wilson. They never seemed right for each other…

    • jurocha says:

      You were right. It was a mistake for them to marry in the first place. Wilson never felt comfortable around the family – he kept getting the “Too many people” moodlet when everyone sat down for dinner, for example – and what raged me more about him is that he was always slacking off any working/children care activity.

      I’m glad we got rid of him too!

  2. morgaine2005 says:

    Sims 3 Sims can hold babies?!? I almost want to switch …


    But I think Antonia is making the right decision about coming clean — about Brigida’s past and everything else. 🙂 Makes sense that she won’t want to repeat her mother’s mistakes.

    • jurocha says:

      I was surprised when I saw ghosts holding babies too! I was like: “wow, I’m f*cked. Now the ghost will vanish and I’ll have a glitch and a stuck baby in my lot. Perfect”.

      Fortunately it didn’t happen like that: Brigida’s ghost played with Isabel, snuggled her and then laid her in the ground before vanishing. It was SO cute!

  3. tipix7 says:

    Shame, I had a feeling Wilson and Clara would divorce. The Paons have had bad luck with love recently, really hope that changes.

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