Chapter 44: Life carries on and on

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: My son, Cicero Paon, faces problems at school and the Social Service threats to take him away from the household. My oldest brother, Renzo Paon, retrieves to his bedroom after his fiancée’s death. My twin sister, Clara Paon, and her husband, Wilson Keaton, are expecting their first child.

January has been a productive month to the Paon family. Despite the tragedies – or maybe because of them, having everyone turned to work to deal with Sam Sekemoto and Florette Tolliver losses – that took place on our household during the last weeks of past year, everyone has been receiving the so longed for recognition at their respective workplaces. I, Antonia Paon, finally got my Flight officer insignia. Right now I serve side by side with Angelica Page, being her navigator: I advise her while en route and make sure obstacles and hazards are avoided during the missions. My abilities have also attracted the attention of Sunset Valley Police Department and of Landgraab Industries Science Facility. I received – and declined – job openings on both places. Tomas Paon is now working as an Useless contraption manipulator and makes 63 simoleons per hour. It’s still far from his lifetime goal, but he’s on his way.

Renzo Paon has also been promoted. After watching the chess legend Argyle Sinclair at Divisadero Budget Books, he got a mood boost and caught the eyes of his manager, being promoted to a Book genre sorter. He’s been working at the bookstore since his teenager years. The part-time job sustained his humble shopping needs – mainly CDs, books and PC games – as well as served as a always up-to-date library, but was never taken took seriously. Renzo judged it as just a temporary arrangement until he made into the spotlights as a Professional author. But since he’s writer’s ambitions have been shaken after his fianceé, Florette Tolliver, death, such achievement came in quite handy and in quite a particular delicate moment.

Renzo has been spending much more time inside. He was never an outdoorsy type, but things got worse recently and he’s frequently locked up in his room weeping and reading drama novels. He has also called Llama Books and asked them not to advertise “The Riverview follies”: he argued he couldn’t handle any press exposure for this time being and especially not anyone caused by a book to which Florette contributed.

Reading to cope with Florette's loss

It’s a fact that the atmosphere at the estate is still dark and sad. Such mood has affected Cicero Paon and he’s having difficulties to make friends of his own age at the Sunset Valley School for the Gifted. The director warned about Cicero being a bit inappropriate – even if not in a bad way – and the Social Service Bureau also contacted me after Cicero being reported as trying to hang out with the wrong teenager crew after school hours. If I can’t assure extra-curricular activities in a safe and controlled environment for the kid, he will be taken away from me. For his own sake, I’ve started to research about boarding schools across SimNation. I suppose a fresh start somewhere away from Sunset Valley might be liberating for Cicero. He might even loose that annoying mania he has of brushing his teeth three times in a row.

Cicero in his new room

Meanwhile, Clara Paon has been spending a lot of time around Cicero. They sit together by the indoor patio and spend whole afternoons playing chess. I believe it helps keeping both of them sane.

Cicero and Clara playing chess

With Cicero, Clara is somehow testing her mothering skills. She’s finally pregnant – and her prenatal exams showed it happened not too long after New Year’s Eve. Even though she didn’t have any morning sickness, Clara found out about her state pretty quick: by being a doctor and also being anxious about giving birth, she kept a detailed record on her periods and a close eye on her carvings and body changes.

Licking clean

Clara preparing to give birth

She was a bit freaked out about how Wilson Keaton would react to the news since he had so firmly refused to try for a baby at first. But he’s behaving better than anyone could expect.

We're expecting a baby

Clara's aprehension

That's good, honey

We need to prepare the nursery

Can he hear me?

He already read a pregnancy book and is often delighting Clara with massages and talking to her tummy.

Wilson Keaton preparing to his kid

Hey, baby!

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 44: Life carries on and on

  1. Saquina says:

    Well, at least something good came out of all this sadness… I worry about Renzo.

    • jurocha says:

      I try hard to make this household as peaceful as possible, but tragedy keeps knocking at the Paon’s door: I guess Renzo will be okay after the grieve moodlet goes away. Poor boy.

  2. tipix7 says:

    Sounds like the Paons have been having a rough time of late. Hopefully a new addition to the family will raise their spirits and next chapter will bring happier tidings.

  3. Rad says:

    Yes, a baby could be just the thing to take their minds off all the tragedy. Poor Paons.

  4. morgaine2005 says:

    Hi, it’s Morgaine from Living Sims!

    I just made it through all 44 chapters, and I have to say — excellent job! I love how you are able to have different, individualized voices for all of the characters. You can instantly tell Antonia’s narration vs. Clara’s vs. Tomas’s, and that is awesome.

    And what is it with those repairfolk dying on your Sims? Does fixing clogged toilets prematurely age them or something? 😉

    Seriously though, great job and can’t wait to read more.

    • jurocha says:

      Hello Morgaine! Thanks for checking the legacy and going through the trouble of reading it all! It’s been a while since I last updated it, but as you probably know from my posts on LS, I decided to patch my game… and such action can never be a piece of cake with The Sims/EA, can it? Pfft.

      Hey, I guess you just uncovered a Paon’s mystery. Two of my Sims fall in love with repairfolks and both of them die out of the blue: maybe the Paon’s toilets are cursed! LOL.

      Thanks again for reading! Hopefully I’ll fix my game and update again in the next few days. (I’m working on the fix right now, in fact. Fingers crossed!)

      • morgaine2005 says:

        Some days — especially on LS — I look at TS3 and think, wow, I wish I had that. The color wheel, the endless possibilities of clothing, the ability to move objects a quarter of a tile without using a cheat …

        And then I read what you all are going through with that game, and think, “Nah, I’ll stick with my Sims 2! At least it works!” 😉

        You could a chapter out of that: Paon’s Striving, the Curse of the Toilets!

        And thanks for writing such an awesome legacy. Good luck with getting it back in working order. 🙂

  5. xcin100x says:

    Such a sad chapter, I feel bad for Renzo, hopefully he’ll pull through.. I just started my generation 2 of my legacy, can u check it out?
    Oh and I’m going to add u to my blogroll, if u dont mind 🙂

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