Chapter 42: At least you’ve got good news…

Date: 30 December 2013, 11:04 GMT +3:00
Subject: At least you’ve got good news…

Hello again, dear sister.

First I must say I couldn’t be more surprised – or pleased – with your latest news! Oh, living in a house designed by a renowned architect… this is not only a dream of mine, but a dream of our beloved mother. She will be so happy when she sees we have the most beautiful house on Summer Hill! And before you say anything: I’m not loosing it. I admit I am a bit stressed, but that’s all. Our parents REALLY are visiting the house. I see them all the time! How can I not refer to them in the present tense if they’re once again among us? The night before I left to Al Simhara, for example, I was watching the news on TV and daddy was right behind me. I swear!

Watching Tv with daddy's ghost

But that’s it with the good news. Talking about Al Simhara, things aren’t so great. Wilson and I had an argument yesterday and I’m unsure if we are still going to explore the Sphinx together as originally planned for today. We might cut our trip short and come back before the New Year’s Eve: there’s no reason to stay if we can’t fix our relationship. I’m so disappointed! At first, it seemed everything was going so well…

We checked in at the Base Camp and managed to assure ourselves the biggest tent around. Wilson got himself some more fresh water, we changed clothes and went to check the tour options for the day. Walking on sandals over the hot sand, realizing we’re staying at a tent for real in the middle of Egypt, all the little details of this foreign land were making me so… adventurous. I was so carried away that over a moment I even imagined myself exploring sarcophagi with Wilson in a very, very special way.

The heat don't give him a break

Checking adventures

We did go for some tomb exploring…

Tomb exploring

Sweating in Al Simhara

Clara takes a shower in a can

Go away, disgusting insects!

I could conceive a baby here

Clara and Wilson uncover the secrets of an Al Simhara chest

…but all the fire I got came from a floor trap! Not from my so-called husband!

Clara is on fire - and it's not of the kind she was expecting

Running on fire


Nothing as refreshing as a cold well

He bought himself a disposable camera at the airport and became obsessed about taking pictures of ancient chests. It seems he even sealed a deal with a local treasure hunter and sold him a few of the shots. So, while he was kind of working during what was supposed to be our vacation, I was let alone wandering through the desert. To entertain myself, I collected a bunch of stones I found: they were blue and pretty shiny, I might be able to mount them on a necklace or something.

Wilson goes for some tomb exploring


Clara and red scooter

Wandering the desert

An Al Simhara Pyramid

I also went to the market and tried in vain to enchant a snake. It’s kind of an attraction here: you play flute to a deep basket filled with snakes resting in front of you. The music attracts them and they’re expected to gently dance towards the outside. I wasn’t lucky: after one hour of frustration, I quit playing. Maybe the lessons of flute I took weren’t enough.

Clara: the snake enchanter

Then I went to a few shops and talk to complete strangers: people here are quite friendly! The girl from the small restaurant at the city market even taught me a local song.

At night, when I finally met Wilson at the tent again, he said he was too tired to try anything. No cuddling, no sweet kisses, nothing. I started complaining about his lack of attention and soon we’re shouting at each other. Eventually I left our tent and went to sleep in a smaller one. Alone.

No woohoo for Clara

I’ll keep you posted about things around here.


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9 thoughts on “Chapter 42: At least you’ve got good news…

  1. nessva says:

    LOL! I love how Clara tried to get Wilson all fired up in the tomb. All of those pictures are amazing, the shower and the OMG-I’m-on-fire pics are hilarious.

    Darn that Wilson..

  2. tipix7 says:

    Gorgeous pictures, I especially loved the ones where Clara took a dip in the dive well to cool herself off 😉

    Sounds like Wilson needs to be reminded of his duty as part of a legacy family… poor Clara!

    • jurocha says:

      I had loads of fun when she caught on fire and started running! She seemed very desperate. *g

      And it’s really better for him to watch his back: is either a child or the highway! 😉

  3. Rad says:

    Loving all the Egypt shots. I notice she wants a baby… come on Wilson, sort it out!

    • jurocha says:

      Her latest wishes are all baby-related ones: congratulate people who have had babies in town, try for a baby, have a child with Wilson… But I can’t make these two make peace in the bedroom!

      Wilson gets positive moodlets around her and even rolls wishes of cuddling and kissing, but everytime I press the “try for a baby”-option, he rejects it! In Egypt, he even rejected the normal woohoo!

  4. Rad says:

    Make sure they both find each other either extremely irresistible or very alluring and their moods are high. It’s not always guaranteed to get them woohooing but they almost certainly won’t woohoo if they’re not in that state. Of course by now I’m sure you already know ths.

  5. Saquina says:

    This update was great. I love it when sims walk into fire traps and run for the water… 😛 I hope Wilson will “man up” at some point. I think Clara may need some stability in her life! LOL

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