Chapter 39: Not everything is falling into place

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: I, Antonia Paon, get promoted to Squad Leader. Cicero Paon ages up. Renzo decides to go steady with the handy-woman Florette Tolliver. Tomas take a time off at Shang Simla. Clara Paon strongly manifest her wishes to have children, but Wilson Keaton refuses to try for a baby.

I, not anymore grunt, but squad leader Antonia Paon, planned and threw a party for the childhood birthday of my son, Cicero Paon. Unfortunately my talent as a hostess is incomparable to my talent in front of the troops and the get together ended being a failure.

Cicero playing with the toy table

Paon! He just sad Paon!

Aunt Clara

Follow the pink rabbit

The guests showed up before I managed to get back home from work and were left to be entertained by my sister, Clara Paon, and her husband, Wilson Keaton. Clara, until then known for her talent to transform a simple reunion into a blast thanks to funny jokes and crazy talking, didn’t perform well on that specific day. Instead of goofing around, she sustained a sad tone and complained about her marriage with anyone who gave her a chance.

By the time I finally make it to Cicero’s party, there wasn’t much I could do. The guests couldn’t help but noticing the broken stereo and were annoyed by the lack of fun activities.

Cicero acted as everything was normal and made his way into childhood by the kitchen’s counters. But the experience did affect him since he’s been unable to make or understand jokes since then. It seems he has no sense of humor.

The only time when Cicero sincerely smiles is when he’s on the swings he got as birthday gift.


The reason for Clara’s bad performance at Cicero’s party became clearer to me three days later. On that specific Monday’s morning, December 23th, she had an argument with Wilson about his resolution of not having children. As she confided me it’s not like he dislikes children or doesn’t want them at all. He just refuses to try for a baby for the time being. Clara, who somehow feels the tick tack of her biological clock, can’t accept it.

Since the argument the couple hasn’t been exchanging too many words. In an attempt to remedy the situation, I encouraged Clara to advance her vacation and make sure Wilson would also get some time off in the same period. I suppose a carefree environment might help them finding a satisfying solution for both on the matter of starting a family.

Clara accepted my advise and will be leaving with Wilson Keaton to Al Simhara in two weeks – just the time for to have holiday celebrations and for her to prepare and give a lecture at the City Hall about her last successful triple alempodirectomy (Evidence A: Clara Paon’s article on Nature Journal). So far Wilson still needs to find a co-worker who will cover for him.

Clara giving a lecture at City Hall

In fact, all family has been planning their next vacation since the youngest Paon enjoyed the benefits of a time off at the far East of SimNation. He came back home a couple weeks before Cicero’s birthday and brought several postcards, pictures and stories. For example, he showed us a grumpy fortune cookie luck he got (Evidence B: Fortune cookie luck) and insisted to plant a Pomelo seed he harvest somewhere there on our house garden. I warned him carrying seeds like that was illegal, but to bust guys who commit such kind of infractions is not my responsibility.

Renzo started working on another book: “The Riverview follies”. On his new story, Shirley and Roxie Lin are twins who can’t get along. Their differences even lead them to divide their deceased parents old house in two, so each would be able to decor it as pleased. Knowing that Florette Tolliver have a few relatives living on the countryside, Renzo claimed he could use some tips about the Riverview’s way of life and invite her over to discuss his new work.

They kept regular meetings and talked about the fictional – and somewhat comical – new book of Renzo, about their likes and dislikes, about the estate beautiful view and every other possible topic until Florette felt comfortable enough to go further and accept Renzo’s original proposition to sleep over. When she did, I had to sleep on the couch: Renzo assured her he would respect her and since he didn’t had an extra room on his apartment, Florette came over to mine. The fact that neither I had an extra room didn’t occur to Renzo. So his beloved guest had a fulfilling night of sleep while I arranged myself in the living room.

The next day, Florette didn’t have to work. Renzo and her spend it all together, exchanging meaningful looks. When she finally said she had to go around 8 pm., Renzo took the courage to propose her to go steady.

Florette and Antonia chat about Renzo

For Christmas, it’s possible we’ll be having another reason to celebrate: Renzo has bought a wedding band and is saving it for the next moment he got brave again. Since Florette is being around a lot and is good-natured, I believe it won’t be long till the wedding.

Maximiliano is green with envy because he doesn't have a mate

I love you, Renzo

Do you want to marry me?

Oh, oh, oh

I do, I do, I do

Shiny ring

Give me your best hug

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Not everything is falling into place

  1. tipix7 says:

    Aw glad he finally got up the courage! Poor Clara, I hope she works out her marriage issues.

  2. worsiedog says:

    Enjoyed reading your legacy. Very creative style you have going.

    I hope Clara sorts out her marriage problems.

  3. Rad says:

    Awww! She’s part of the family now! She’s totally my favourite service sim so far. Well, other than Papergirl, of course.

    • jurocha says:


      When I think about Papergirl, it always comes to my mind her image riding a scooter pregnant. *g One can’t beat that easily, ham? By the way, have you noticed any special hidden trait on Koi yet?

      I’m hoping Cicero and future Renzo/Florette children have some kind of trait that makes fixing toilets easier. The expensive toilet is far too expensive for my taste.

      • Rad says:

        No. I did download a hidden traits mod to see, but I played the Lazaruses without thinking about it and the kids aged up and it all got messed up because the game wouldn’t add a new trait, so I had to remove their hidden traits, which was annoying. So I daren’t check with the Daye kids. I don’t think magicians or papergirls give hidden traits though.

      • jurocha says:

        I’ll make note of that: don’t install any hidden trait mod! I didn’t know they were messing the game!

        I had this trait missing glitch on another game of mine, before WA and stuff. But I didn’t have any mod installed (rather then IndieMod) by then.

  4. 27lilian says:

    hey! mind checking out my sims 3 stories?


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