Chapter 38: Got lucky?

Date: 30 November 2013, 06:12 GMT +8:00
Subject: Got lucky?


I’ll be leaving Shang Simla in about two hours. Tell Antonia not to be a goochy mama and cook something nice for dinner today. Maybe goopy carbonara. Hm… better: mac and cheese. Mac and cheese would be superdup! I’m sick of spring rolls and fortune cookies: here they sell like hot cakes.

Beautiful Shang Simla view

Chinese food

Checking the attractions

Tomas at the Great Wall

I miss home. In fact, after spending these days away, I must admit I even miss the nut job Clara is. Maybe because it seems all women here in Shang Simla are also nuts. You see, I went out and about the town the other day and met this chick at the relics store. She wasn’t astonishing, just OK. Anyhow I decided I would giver her some sugar. At first, she seemed to enjoy the attention and flirted back a little bit. So I made my move… Oh man! Do you know what she replied? We would do it only after I put a diamond ring on her finger!

Of course I left the store as fast as I could. There were still plenty of fishes out in the sea just waiting for my bait. So I hit a few bars and found my dream girl. Well, not exactly. I met this archaeologist guy who was desperately in need of some help. He had been going through Shang Simla’s mausolea for months trying to locate the definitive proof of Xia Dynasty‘s existence with no luck. He said he needed fresh eyes looking for this mythical vase or something and offered me a small sum to join his quest.

I spent a whole day clearing passages, diving into ancient wells and dealing with keystones. I tell you, brother, it wasn’t easy.

Joining the quest

Wow, that's amazing!

Cleaning and sweating

What, Night Owl?

Glub, glub, glub

I was covered in sweat, hungry and extremely tired when I dropped by the archaeologist’s house to deliver the copper piece that was once a vase. Was it the relic he was looking after? I don’t have a clue, but it was good enough to convince him to sign my check. At that point the whole adventure-thing didn’t seem worth it.

Hey, Mr. Archaeologist

Your vase, my money

But then I saw her. My Vega, my Zhinü, the most gorgeous girl on the face of Earth. She was looking to the horizon from a window on the second floor. And when she turned, her white silk robe gently followed her movements and I was let enchanted forever.

But out of the game only until next day, bro. The archaeologist never invited me in and so I didn’t have a chance to talk to my goddess. In fact, the guy was in such a hurry to verify the age of the vase that he payed me right in his front yard and dismissed asap. Having the next morning free, I decided to check the Martial Arts Academy again. I had been there already after checking some of the hostel’s brochures about the special martial arts course for tourists.

This time I got lucky. I met a foxy named Xi Yuan. Oh man, she couldn’t stop complimenting my fitness or my natural talent for martial arts (yes, neither I knew I had it. Isn’t it cool?). So a bit of chitchatting, a bit of flattering her… and I was pretty sure I was going to kick it with her, if you know what I mean.

Tomas flirting with a married woman

Gossiping nanny

For gnomes sake, I even got a glimpse of her naked in the academy’s shower.

Oops, you're naked!

This is not appropriate, Tomas.

But then her husband – a guy named Li – showed up to fetch her. These guys have a terrible timing one must say. I ended up having to pretend that I was there just for the training.

See my new belt... just not yet

Li and Tomas

Wow! I got so caught up on updating you about my trip that I lost track of time. Damn it, Max! Sometimes you make me look like a gossiping nanny. Now I only have like 50 minutes to finish packing, buy one or two remaining gifts for the family AND get to the airport on time.

Are you sure you don't accept Simoleons?

Well, we see each other back in Sunset Valley.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 38: Got lucky?

  1. tipix7 says:

    Yaaay Tomas updates!! Good thing for my game the girls are still younger than him or they might have been hit on… I loved the adventuring pics, Shang Simla is so pretty! Wonder if he ever will catch up with his dream girl from the window there 😉

  2. nessva says:

    LOL, loved this update!

    • jurocha says:

      I’m glad you did! Thanks for reading, nessva. 🙂 I didn’t pay much attention to Tomas until tipix mentioned he was her favorite character. When I started doing… well, updates like this one became possible and I must admit now that I have quite some fun playing Tomas. *g

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