Chapter 37: Re: News from Shang Simla

Date: 27 November 2013, 13:30 GMT +1:00
Subject: News from Shang Simla

Salut, enfant terrible!

I’m glad to hear your trip went well and that you are already up and about Shang Simla. I guess I’ve never seen you so ecstatic! Brother, it seems to me you’ve finally got your joie de vivre. I’m even thinking about following you the next time you visit China – I’m sure you will and I (and the fairies) will make sure you don’t book the same hostel again. Even though I’m sure it’s not bad at all: it’s just you being the same old grumpy of all times. In fact, based on your description I would say that Base Camp is fantastique!

Regarding les femmes… Oh, Tomas, how many times must I tell you they need romance? Women don’t like this Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir-approach of yours; they want – better – they need romance. Yes, yes, you don’t need to point out again that I have none experience whatsoever. But you know what? It might not be like that for long.

I guess I’ve found the one. My amour fou. While you’re there looking for cheap entertainment, I’m here about to experience a whirlwind romance. No, no. I’m not telling you who my chosen one is. I’m just telling you I’ll confess my attraction tonight.

I think I like you

But I think I don't

Bonne chance (for us both)!

PS: I showed your pics to Antonia and Clara and now all they can think and talk about is when they’re going to take a vacation. You achieved your goal, T.: they’re green with envy. Enjoy your time at Shang Simla!

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 37: Re: News from Shang Simla

  1. tipix7 says:

    I’m guessing the girls go to Egypt? I love the emails btwn the siblings from different destinations of the world- so fantastic!

    • jurocha says:

      I told you the emails would be back. 😉 WA turned out to be my perfect excuse to take breaks from the journal style. And yes, you’re right: Clara is going to Al Simhara…just about now (the game is loading on a minimized screen while I answer this comment).

      Antonia’s vacation will take a little longer: she still has a toddler to look after and – to my surprise – she ran the wish to travel to France! I was so expecting something like China (since she got an Opportunity that requires her to learn Martial Arts) but seems she’s looking for love again and the best destination is, for sure, Champ Les Sims.

  2. Saquina says:

    I really enjoy the emails. It feels so “personal” and “real”. 🙂 Good work!

    • jurocha says:

      I like them too, specially Tomas one. It was quite funny writing as a flirty-anxious young guy. *g

      • tipix7 says:

        Beacuse Tomas is just that awesome 😛

      • jurocha says:

        LOL. Ok, ok, tipix, I’m counting you and then myself as Tomas’ fans.

      • tipix7 says:

        lol, pity he’s older than Veronique & Claire, and that I already have mates for them planned… I’d love to marry him into the family 😛

      • jurocha says:

        Oooh… I’d love to have him as a Veronique or Claire’s partner. He’s still an young adult, maybe he can catch a a third child from Yvanna. *g

      • tipix7 says:

        I’ll have to find a spot for him somewhere…

      • tipix7 says:

        So Clara’s hubbie isn’t in my game because the game says he loaded but he never showed up in my premade sims box. But the rest are 😀

        My neighbourhood is definitely corrupt (I couldn’t use edit town mode without some major glitches, but I don’t want to rebuild what I have now so I’ll just stick it out for the next 7 gens), so the Paons are bunking with the Sekemotos right now (instead of in the abandoned Alto mansion where I wanted them). This should be interesting, Sam’s an elder in my game and he lives with Randy and his sister. All of Leighton’s children under one roof, uhoh.

      • jurocha says:

        Lol. That is for sure nice; wonder how they get along – specially with Randy and his sister, who I never had.

        I’m thinking about giving Clara a divorce anyway. She wants a child, and rolled twice the wish to have a child WITH Keaton. But the man doesn’t roll any wishes of kids! In fact, sometimes he gets wishes of woohoo with Clara… but she refused to woohoo with him twice already. So I guess she really wants to Try for a baby!

        Let’s see. Right now I’m rebuilding the house. Got tired of the old apartments already. *g

  3. Rad says:

    I love the emails, too. In fact, I like the way you mix up styles in this legacy – it really gives a sense of the characters’ personalities. This entry made me giggle – I have a brother and it’s a very good brother/sister dynamic you’ve got going on.

    • jurocha says:

      This e-mail thing started by accident. My founder died and I was “Oh sh%^, how is a dead person supposed to write a diary?”… since I didn’t really want to go into the sci-fi on my first ever legacy, the e-mails seemed suitable. I could try different voices and make a decision about my heiress a bit less harsh.

      Now with WA, e-mails are just perfect… again. And I’m really enjoying not having to stick with one character’s point of view any longer.

      Thanks for the compliments, Rad. 🙂

  4. sims3addicted says:

    omg i cannot wait tp get world adventures anyways yeah love the newst chapters short but sweet anyways yeah keep it up and update soon!

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