Chapter 36: News from Shang Simla

Date: 27 November 2013, 18:23 GMT +8:00
Subject: News from Shang Simla

Hey Max,

I’ve arrived at Shang Simla and… it’s awesome! Here goes a pic I’ve made through the airplane window: yeah, brother, be green with envy. Shang Simla is the hip!

The hip

But wait you haven’t seen a thing yet. After dropping my luggage at the hostel – in time: if you’re not away with the fairies, remind me of not booking this crap Base Camp if I ever visit China again. Their building is on a cliff and I had to go up 200 steps before reaching the damn reception, where no one was to be found by the way – I rented a bike and went for some sightseeing. I took a few pictures to show the family, but not too many. You know, I don’t wanna look like a Japanese tourist!

Tomas goes sightseeing

Up and down the hills

More cycling around

Do you know what a Pomelo is? Of course you don’t. I tell you: it’s a fruit! It resembles a lemon in shape, but it’s bigger and it tastes like a grapefruit. I found (and harvest!) a Pomelo tree in one of the several gardens I saw while cycling. I’ll try to bring some home so you’ll have a chance to taste it.

Now enough with the talking. I don’t want come home a day later and a dollar short. I had enough of little southern romance! I’m ready for the real deal: yes, brother, now I going to town. Can’t wait to meet some hot local chicks!

Hitting on the Relic Store clerk

Hey cutie

No kisses before giving me a diamond ring!

It takes too to tango

Flirty ways

Talk to you asap,

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 36: News from Shang Simla

  1. tipix7 says:

    Allow me to say: Ooooo Tomas!!! lol, loved the update 😀

  2. Rad says:

    Pretty shots. WA is so lovely.

  3. jurocha says:

    I was so ashamed of my pics that I read as many tutorials about screenshots on TS3 as I could. I guess I’m improving! I’m still not as great as you – best action-moment click (I just love your fishing screens) – or tipix7 – best emotional pics – but at least I’m better than I was before.

    WA gives LOADS of headaches (install,CC) but it is worth the effort after all, isn’t it? I’m totally in love with it. Have to hold myself not to send the Paons forever on vacation. *g

  4. Rad says:

    Oh, I’m not great at photography – but I’ve learned a lot as I’ve gone on. Check out the early gens of the Kyoti legacy and you’ll see!

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