Chapter 35: Such a tiny chickpea

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: I, Antonia Paon, give birth to Cicero, my child with Ramon Watt. Life goes on at Summer Hill 15 with Renzo Paon publising two more books, Clara Paon being promoted to Trauma surgeon and Wilson Keaton being promoted to Overseer of the dead. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————

NARRATIVE: At 4:07pm on October 23, 2013 Cicero was born. He was the result of a brief affair between Ramon Watt, a Sunset Valley’s repairman and myself, grunt Antonia Paon. The pregnancy wasn’t easy and I presented anxiety and mild depression symptoms besides constant back pain. In an attempt to promote my relaxation and diminish the risks of a preterm birth, my physician, Commander DeForest, prescribed me a vitamin supplement and moderate consumption of lemon balm tea (Evidence A: Commander DeForest’s prescription). He also asked me to practice yoga for as far as I could into my gestation period.

Despite my pregnancy not going as smooth as any mother’s dream, I had quite an easy and quick labour. As planned I gave birth at home with Commander DeForest and Clara Paon’s assistance just after completing 38 weeks. After roughly 1,5 hour I was holding Cicero, my tiny chick pea born weighing 3 kilograms and measuring 48 centimeters.

Cicero is born

I didn’t have to worry about preparing Cicero’s nursery. Clara made it her duty and supervised the conversion of what used to be a spare bedroom at her apartment to Cicero’s nest on mine.

Clara wonders if Cicero likes the nursery

The first weeks with my son were easy – he didn’t have troubles sleeping and rarely cried – and proved to be healing to my mental health. I had soon stop worrying about being a single parent and started enjoying the bless of becoming a mother.

Such a tiny chick pea

Happy mother, happy son


Soon Cicero became a toddler. And as he discovered he could crawl, he manifested a great curiosity about his surroundings, specially the outdoors. I had to always keep an eye on him to prevent him from going too far or falling off the entrance stairs. At this point, I also allowed myself to share his care: Renzo helped me keeping on with Cicero’s feeding schedule while Maximiliano gladly teach him to walk.

Cicero explores the outside by himself

Run, Cicero, run

Antonia and Cicero as a toddler


Maximiliano teaches Cicero how to walk

Thanks to her promotion to Trauma Surgeon – that happened just a few days before Cicero’s first birthday and was celebrated with a family Goopy carbonara dinner of horrifying quality – Clara didn’t spend much time awake at home and to her regret didn’t participate much in Cicero’s development. Neither have Tomas or Wilson: in fact, none of these two showed any interest in children care.

Clara burns dinner to celebrate her promotion

Family support Clara's promotion by swalloning her awful Goopy Carbonara

Wilson seems to enjoy the burnt Goopy carbonara

Cicero’s first birthday didn’t really have a party: I just baked a coconut cake and gathered the family members for the blowing candles formality. While Wilson didn’t make it in time – he was hold on his job to be informed about his promotion to Overseer of the dead – Florette Tolliver, who was repairing the once again broken toilets at the estate, did and joined the small crew singing “Happy birthday to you”.

Happy birthday, chick pea!

Happy birthday to Cicero!

Clara does a lot of noise for Cicero

Florette caught Renzo’s attention and they kept talking at my apartment long after the cake leftovers were stored in the fridge. From what I overheard from their conversation, she read one or two of Renzo’s books and this flattered him, who then tried hopelessly to get to know more about her. At some point, he invited her to sleep over, but she acted as surprised and refused.

Hey you, single?

Do you want to sleep over?

Sorry, but I don't know you too well

Renzo can now consider himself a worth mentioning author, having published two other books after his “Simboy” debut. “Sim in the dark” was compared in style to the best seller “Commitment Issues” by The Sims Standart (Evidence B: The Sims Standart review) and Renzo profited 6 royalties payments of 78 simoleons. “Simbuktu” didn’t caught so many press attention or hearty reviews, but was mentioned at Sims Chronicle’s 2013 Must Read list (Evidence C: Sim’s Chronicle list).

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 35: Such a tiny chickpea

  1. tipix7 says:

    First thoughts about this chapter: darn you beat me to the nursery! (which is absolutely adorable btw) lol. Nice to see the family progressing so smoothly, minus Clara’s cooking skills perhaps. Also love Antonia’s new look 🙂

    I was just thinking, would you consider loading your family to the exchange (or somewhere)- it would be amazing to see the Paons wandering about my legacy neighbourhood at some point.

    • jurocha says:

      Thanks to WA (expect loads of our Daredevil Tomas next chapter!), I lost half of my CC and was forced to make some arrangements (all .packages, just allowed the MTS tattoo to stay and Tomas’ piercings. Anything I had more than a couple dozens of files caused my game to crash).

      Antonia’s hair wasn’t a CC, but since I was going for all the trouble of redecorating, I decided to change her looks for something completely new. So… our mother Antonia allowed her hair to grow and started using sneakers all the time (after all, now she must run all around with/because of Cicero). *g

      Regarding the nursery: yours still my favorite. 😉 In fact, I took inspiration from your work to make my nursery more nurser-y, with a bunch of toys and space for toddlers’ play.

      WOW! I would REALLY like to see Chouette and Paons sharing the same neighborhood! I’ll export them to the Exchange and post the link here.

      Hey, in fact, if we still have energy after finishing our legacies we could try to write a story together: starting with the marriage of Paon and Chouette’s 10 gen; it could be like a colaborative legacy with each one of us playing one generation until the 10th again.

      • tipix7 says:

        Oh, I’m so sorry about the CC- you’ve placed it in a new folder under WA, right? I had a problem earlier on w/ CC and had to get rid of some of it w/ WA, but no major issues yet. I like Antonia’s new mom do anyways 😉

        Thanks! I can’t wait to make my gen 4 nursery 🙂 I really love yours though, especially the toys pile- so perfect!

        Let me know when you’ve loaded them, it would be amazing to have them around. Gen 10 Chouette & Gen 10 Paon for sure, that sounds so fun!

      • jurocha says:

        I’ve tried all possible combinations with CC in .package format (on TS folder, on WA folder, with .dll and without it; only one type of CC, CC from only one creator…): nothing really made a difference, except when I took it all away and started using the .sims3pack only. 😦

        I’m now more anxious than never for our 10th generation.

      • jurocha says:

        I couldn’t upload the Paons to the Exchange. It seems I’ve got the Mac launcher problem again (can’t upload a thing). But since I can still export them… here’s the whole family (and needed CC in a separated folder) on a Mediafire link!

      • tipix7 says:

        I was wondering what I should do when I (finally) finish the 10 generations, and now there’s something to look forwards to!

        I ended up finding my decor objects definitely caused problem with WA, and by taking away most of my CC (and the installer monkey and my subfolders) I got rid of a lot of my loading time. Hopefully you can bring back some of your CC, it makes the game so much more enjoyable (read: pretty).

        Thanks, I was thinking that I should let you know the exchange is impossible for loading and to use 4shared or something 😛 Look for the Paons in my legacy sometime in the future!

  2. Rad says:

    Some of the cutest baby shots I’ve ever seen. Florette is CUTE. I hope she turns up as a repair lady in Dayes. She’d be a suitable mate.

    • jurocha says:

      Thanks a lot, Rad! 😀

      Well, if Florette turns out to be Mrs. Renzo Paon, I can export her and share – if she doesn’t show up on your own game. Is there any kind of restriction about putting Sims on the try-everything-legacy? In fact, this could be a try-option. When service sims are exported and put into another game: do they still work/are listed as service sims? 😉

      Let me know if you want to try this. She and Renzo make a beautiful pair and I guess she just said “No” not to be too easy on their first date. LOL.

  3. sims3addicted says:

    OMG love the chapter keep up the good work!

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