Chapter 34: About joy and grief

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: I, Antonia Paon, confirm my suspicions about being pregnant. The offspring on its way is the consequence of a brief relationship with Ramon Watt, a self-employed repairman. After drinking a solution of exotic plants and sugar water prepared by a co-worker, Tomas Paon experiences a significant improvement on his work performance and considers moving out. Clara Paon and Wilson Keaton finally tie the knot. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————

NARRATIVE: I, grunt Antonia Paon, contacted Ramon Watt Plumbery at 11am on a Thursday’s morning (Evidence A: Yellow Pages’ advertisement). After a brief chat, we agreed that the fixing of two clogged toilets and a broken shower at the Paon estate would cost $50 simoleons as well as it would be done on the same day. So, at 1 pm, Ramon Watt crossed my apartment’s door to fix the first clogged toilet. Less than 20 minutes later, he proceed to my sister apartment’s to fix the shower and the second clogged toilet.

The repairs were completed around 2:20 pm. I payed Ramon the agreed sum while we were standing at the front yard. We exchanged a few words about the weather and the view. Watt pointed out the Paon’s estate was the only one in Summer Hills lacking landscape and that he liked it that way. Just after speaking out, he seemed embarrassed and quickly excused himself for daring a comment. Willing to avoid any misunderstanding between us, I said there wasn’t any reason to be sorry adding that I wasn’t an art or decor fancier myself.

After this first contact, we saw each other two more times. Ramon showed up when the dishwasher broke and when the pipes were again refusing to work properly. Since he had worked on the same toilet before, he performed the second fix for free, urging it was part of the Ramon Watt’s Plumbery service guarantee. I thanked him by inviting him to Tomas and Maximiliano’s young adulthood birthday’s party.

Our relations gradually evolve from a cordial business understanding to a sincere friendship and eventually to a love affair. Softened by three pints of beer on a Friday escapade, I ended asking Ramon to spend the night at my apartment. It was around 1 am when we got back to my house and we went straight to the bedroom. We laid side by side cuddling and kissing, but when I tried to go further, Ramon said no and left the house promptly.

The next day he showed unannounced at the estate at 6:15 pm. He apologized for his behavior on the night before and explained he couldn’t start a relationship with someone as young as me. Until that moment I was unaware of Ramon’s age: his brown skin masked well any wrinkles and if asked to guess I wouldn’t bet he was over his 40s. But he was. In fact, he was over his 50s and had even celebrated his elderly birthday that very same day. Since my career taught me to respect and admire older men, I didn’t see a problem in our age difference. I enjoyed his company and confessed my attraction for greyish hair. We woo-hooded on that Saturday night.

On Sunday I woke up first at 7:30 am and went to Clara’s apartment for full disclosure. I wanted to properly introduce Ramon as my boyfriend during lunch and I didn’t want the information to come as a big surprise. While at Clara’s living room, waiting for her to finish her morning hygiene so we could talk, I heard a bumping sound. I ran back to my apartment and found Ramon on the bathroom’s floor. The autopsy (Evidence B: Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital Autopsy Registry) performed by Clara Paon, now a Resident at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital, revealed he had a heart attack.

For the next 36 mornings I woke up to heartburns and vomit and assumed it was a physical reaction from my grieving process. By the beginning of the 37th week since the symptoms weren’t get any better, I went to see a doctor. Twenty four hours later I received a call from the laboratory confirming the positive result of my pregnancy test.

My pregnancy marched on as well as life itself at the Paon estate. Tomas Paon, a test subject at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility, drank a solution of exotic plants and sugar water prepared by a co-worker and experienced a major increase on his job performance. The improvement ensured him a permanent raise of $3 and he considered moving out of Paon state. By the time he informed Clara of his intentions, they got into a severe argument and Tomas gave up looking for lofts to rent at least until further notice.

How dare you?

I will stay

On Saturday 4 May, 2013 at 6 pm, Clara and Wilson Keaton tied the knot at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church (Evidence C: Wedding invitation). The marriage was the consequence of a two-years long relationship between Clara and Wilson. They met during the burial of our mother, Brigida Paon. Wilson was very supportive of Clara not only after Brigida’s death, but also and specially after Leighton’s death.

Clara cries on Wilson shoulder after Leighton's death

Ooh poor baby

I caught a big fish!

Will you marry me?

Before the ceremony, some problems arose and were successfully taken care of: Clara had a minor nervous breakdown, refusing to dress properly for the wedding and talking nonsense to herself, I almost fainted due an abrupt fall of my blood pressure and Wilson had second thoughts before finally crossing the church’s door.

I was the one responsible for taking care of Clara’s breakdown, whispering calming and encouraging words to her ears and helping her put the bridal gown. But the task wore me out and I almost collapsed. It was then Clara’s turn of supporting me: using her medical knowledge – and a bit of salt, she raised my blood pressure again. Devon and Renzo talked Wilson into the church just before it would be too late for the groom proper arrival.

Clara goes crazy before the wedding

Clara goes even more crazy before the wedding

Clara and Antonia before Clara's wedding

Second thoughts

Among the ceremony guests were our family counselor and my half brother Sam Sekemoto, flight officer Angelica Page, the Langerak’s heiress Carey Langerak and Wilson’s brother Devon Keaton.

Antonia miss Ramon during the wedding

Exchanging vows

Clara and Wilson finally married

First kiss after marriage

The ceremony was described as epic by the majority of guests, with Carey and Sam being the most emotional Sims attending to it.

Carey overwhelmed by Keaton and Paon union

Sam applauds the marriage

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 34: About joy and grief

  1. tipix7 says:

    Aw, nice to see the family moving along.. although it’s rather a shame that Ramon passed on so quickly after entering Antonia’s life.

    The writing style really suits her personality, great chapter!

    • jurocha says:

      Thank you, tipix. I was a bit afraid of this chapter being far too long!

      Regarding Ramon, he was all deceptions for me. First he denied an woo-hoo attempt even after getting thinking bubbles about Antonia. Then he turns old on me! And when I think the romance is about to start and any remaining issue is just an opposition’s gossip… he dies! I’m pretty sure it was an heart attack, though: he and Antonia woo-hooded 3x and when he got up, he just managed to go to the toilet, brush his teeth and… pass away.

      I hope Antonia’s pregnancy brings the next heiress. I don’t want a lot of kids to raise again and I would really like to have Ramon’s genes in the family.

      • tipix7 says:

        I didn’t find the chapter too long at all, and the wedding photos were nicely done- I like the church you built them. (Also rather pleased that Tomas is staying!)

        It was rather untimely of Ramon, amazing the drama the game adds itself to our nicely planned stories. I suppose Antonia just has that type of effect on men.

        Be sure to have her eat lots of watermelon 😉

      • jurocha says:

        Actually, tipix, you were responsible for saving Tomas from the story progress/time river. I had saved the game just before commanding him to move out; came to the blog and read your comment about him being your favorite and when back again to the legacy I just canceled the action (that was waiting in queue for when he finished his shower).

        The funny stuff was that Tomas then calmly walked towards the fridge by his own free will… and got interrupted by Clara (who ran towards the boys apartment by her own free will too). She started a fight (?!) for apparently no reason. Well, I could only come up with the explanation I used in the story: she didn’t like the idea of Tomas considering going away from the family home. 🙂

        I’ll try to pay more attention to Tomas and explore his flirty traits just to your amusement. 😉

      • tipix7 says:

        Oh the influence of the reader! 😛 Thanks, I’ve always loved his character in your chapters… especially when he was such a grumpy toddler.

        Clara is a weird one, I’m sure she had a great reason for it. 😉 (BTW, I see you’ve rearranged the site somewhat, very nice!)

  2. Rad says:

    The wedding was cute! I hate older sims dying randomly. 37 weeks to discover she was pregnant? That girl is S-L-O-W!

  3. Rad says:

    Love the last shot, and the wedding, but gah, nasty trick the game played on you with Ramon. It did a similar thing to me in my last legacy when my Gen 3 heir’s boyfriend died pretty much the day after becoming an elder.

  4. worsiedog says:

    Oh wow, the autopsy report was a stroke of genius!

    • jurocha says:


      I have quite a few surprises when researching for these report notes of Antonia. I didn’t know that databases of stuff like autopsy records or traffic incidents were online. As my mum sometimes say “this internet has the craziest things in it”. *g She’s not a very tech person.

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