Chapter 33: Here we are back again

REGISTRY: Paon – 2nd Generation
REPORTER: Antonia Paon

SUMMARY: I, Antonia Paon, resume my way back to the family estate and express my concerns over the way to report the family daily life. Clara Paon assures herself a promotion and keeps showing stress symptoms. Renzo Paon publishes his first book. The twin boys – Tomas and Maximiliano – young adulthood birthday party proves itself as a rapprochement opportunity with Sam Sekemoto. The referred subject becomes a family counselor.

NARRATIVE: On November 3 I, grunt Antonia Paon, rejoined my sister and brothers at the family estate on Summer Hill 15 after a 18 months absence due my military internship. I agreed on the meeting after my younger twin sister, Clara Paon, then a Paramedic for the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital, e-mailed me asking for counseling and support. On the referred e-mail (Evidence A: e-mail copy), sent on October 29 at 07:17pm, she mentions founding a journal that belonged to my mother, Brigida Paon, during the renovation of the family house. On her allegedly writing, Brigida had expressed a wish for one of her daughters to keep living and running the estate after her death.

I assumed Clara would be perfect for the chore since she assisted our father, Leighton Sekemoto, during his final elderly years and was already taking care of the estate and of our three younger brothers – Renzo, a cash register specialist at Divisadero Budget Books and wannabe writer; Maximiliano, a beverage consultant at Sharma Day Spa and amateur painter; and Tomas, then a Produce Quality Assessor at EverFresh Delights Supermarket. Based on such data, I took a cab to Summer Hill 15 assured that all she needed was my blessing.

Cab home

I arrived at the estate at 5pm and found out that Clara was stressed and willing to slow down. As the evening went on, she revealed to me she was scared and couldn’t possibly fulfill the requirements for a legacy heiress. She said she was feeling sick. I tried to calm her down and followed her to the toilet, advising her to wash her face. While standing at the toilet door I witnessed my sister talking nonsense to herself and this scene caused me to decide assuming the legacy duty.

First dinner after coming back

Feeling sick

I refused to read my mother’s journal due private reasons and so Clara and I agreed she would finish it and tell me only what was necessary to fulfill Brigida’s will. As far as I’m concerned – and since Clara hasn’t gone yet through all entries – Brigida didn’t go over many details about how the legacy duty should be performed or reported. There might be room for improvisation. Based on the fact that she herself kept a journal, I chose to keep a log on the family events. I believe objective reports will come in handy for the next generation.

Two months has passes since I moved back from the Barracks to Summer Hill 15 and a few notable events have occurred. Clara assured herself a promotion to Medical Intern and spend almost two days all stressed out and showing symptoms of anxiety over the greater work responsibility. She also swore seeing Brigida’s ghost one night.

Clara as a medical intern

Clara sees Brigida's ghost

After achieving his full age, Renzo decided to publish a childhood and teenager years memoir named “Simboy”. The book yielded six royalties payment checks of 33 simoleons each. It has also attracted positive, but minor press coverage (Evidence B: The Sims Standard article). Anyway it stimulated Renzo to write another book and he’s now working on a fiction novel whose work-title is “Sim in the dark”. He denies to reveal further plot details to the family members up to now.

The third notable event was the young adulthood birthday party of Maximiliano and Tomas. The following guests showed up for the referred social gathering: Flight Officer Angelica Page, my immediate superior; Resident Deangelo Andrews, who is head of Clara’s department at the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital; Wilson Keaton, who works as a burial specialist and is the current boyfriend of Clara; Federico Langerak, heir for the Langerak family and acquaintance of the twin boys and Sam Sekemoto, Leighton’s son – consequently my half-brother – who works as a stage-hand for jam band The Dave Sims’ Band. The party proved to be an opportunity to built a closer relationship with Sam. During the party I discovered Sam had celebrated his elderly birthday and invited him to a friendly dinner at my apartment asap.

The dinner happened a week after the twin boys’ party. I served pizza, showed Sam around both apartments and ended exchanging tips on how to manage anger feelings and what do to during a fire. His advanced age and experience proved to be useful for my daily routine as a heiress.

What to do in case of fire

Sam as family conseulor

Best buddies

Antonia shows Sam around

He advised me not to push Clara, since she seemed very sensitive since our father’s death and was frequently overloaded with work in her medical career. Being a music industry employee, Sam attracted the attention of Maximiliano and both discussed art for a few hours. I was fed up of the conversation and eventually let them in the backyard and went straight to bed. It was past 11pm and I needed to wake up early for another day at the Military. Sam left me a note (Evidence C: Sam’s note) before taking a cab back to his home later that night.

Chatting in front of the TV

Maximiliano shows Sam his art

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 33: Here we are back again

  1. Nicole says:

    It’s nice to see that Sam is getting closer to his half-brothers and -sisters… I think she’ll do a good job as the new heir! 🙂

    • jurocha says:

      I think she will do a good job too. I was afraid I’d be bored with Antonia, but she’s surprising me! Watch her talk with Sam was quite interesting: they came up with crazy balloons that I hadn’t yet seen.

      It was time for a closure with all fights over who’s a legit or not legit heir. Sam is an elder and the girls aren’t exactly getting younger… 😉

  2. tipix7 says:

    Enjoying the new structure, are you planning to personalize it per heiress? Quite refreshing. Also, the notes are a lovely touch 😀

    I find it rather ironic that Clara works at a hospital and has diagnosed herself… here’s hoping there’s no further negative developments in her condition!

    • jurocha says:

      Yes, that’s exactly the plan. I guess I couldn’t stand the diaries for 10 generations and it also didn’t seem right for someone so… practical and mundane as Antonia to be keeping track of her daily life in such a romantic way as a personal journal.

      I researched how policemen and military do their incident/crime reports over the internet and came up with this structure. The summary kind of ruin the suspense, but I believe it will come in handy for someone who doesn’t like long posts or is just new to the legacy and doesn’t have the will to read it from the very beginning.

      And you pointed something quite interesting about Clara… how can’t she see that her stress levels aren’t normal?! She sure doesn’t: every time she tries to strangulate herself or talks nonsense alone… she ends up with a funny confused face, something like someone who would be saying “What was I doing again?”. I’m afraid her condition is getting worse: the moodlet about being anxious due the promotion came back again, even though just for a few Sim hours.

      It was a pity I didn’t take exact note – again – of it. I researched over internet and it doesn’t show neither on The Sims Wiki or the The Sims 3 Game Guide ( I was surprised with it – it’s quite an interesting moodlet: it says something like “Your Sim is overburden by the responsibilities at work. He could use a demotion.”

      Have you ever seen this one on your game, tipix?

    • jurocha says:

      Oh, about the e-mails (you’ve mentioned you liked)… they’re sure coming back. I also thought they were quite an amazing tool to tell a story: we can have two views on the same event!

      For now, I can assure one or other as a note. But I might use them in the future generations as the main core of the legacy narrative.

      • tipix7 says:

        It would be interesting to see a computer whiz heiress, emails would definitely suit that. I really like the reports, they suit Antonia so well!

        I’ve never had an insane or neurotic sim, so no I haven’t seen the moodlet… for neurotic sims I know checking object they’re anxious about helps. Perhaps for work she hasn’t learned all of the skills?

        If I ever come across it, I’ll let you know. Keep a watch on it!

      • tipix7 says:

        The only work related moodlet I’ve ever had was anxious to advance from my ambitious sims…

      • jurocha says:

        Yes, I was frequently getting this one (Anxious to Advance) with Brigida – she neglected her carrier (and skill improvement) for the kids, after all.

        I guess this one is easier to deal with. The one I’m getting now with Clara is kind of the opposite of it and it’s also kind of… conflicting with her LTW wish and therefore with my points collection for the legacy. *g I don’t want her to be demoted as she seems to do!

      • jurocha says:

        Oh! I don’t know if you’ve seen it already or if it interests you (since your pictures are already PERFECT!) but here it goes: I’ve found a great camera hack that allows one to take pictures from the ground floor; actually it gives much more freedom to the camera movements. If you want to check it out… it’s here:

      • tipix7 says:

        I have yet to see anything where a sims desires a demotion! None of her traits really seem to call for that wish… goodluck!

        I’ve seen the camera hack a couple times and thought about it. Although it took me so long to get used to the vanilla camera angles for pictures that I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge again 😛 Lemme know how it works out for you!

    • jurocha says:

      I’ve been using it for two days now and I noticed the hack increases a bit the time for the rotation/zoom actions to be processed. But since this slow motion is not (yet) affecting my gameplay I’m keeping it. 🙂

  3. worsiedog says:

    I am glad Sam is getting to know his siblings.

    I love the newspaper article and the note.. very creative. Well done with that!

    • jurocha says:

      I suck using Photoshop-and-its-affiliates and therefore I do these notes mainly as a gag. But they do fit quite nicely to the report-style of Antonia, don’t they?

      Thanks again for reading.

  4. nessva says:

    Wow! Nice turn of events!
    It’s interesting how you’ve gone from journal narration, to emails, and now to reports (time in the military had it’s influence eh Antonia? hehe)
    Sad to see that Clara became mentally unstable, but Antonia’s character seems all the more interesting.

    • jurocha says:

      Everything started when I had a founder dead. I was like “Damn! How is a dead person supposed to write about her own story on a journal?!”. I didn’t want to go sci-fi on my first legacy, so it got me thinking… e-mails seemed suitable and I wouldn’t have to stick to it; as soon as the heir was chosen I could go back to the journal style. But then… after using e-mails, it occurred to me: hey, I can use any style I want and I can match the heir own way of recording events. For Antonia, I even considered recording .mp3 files narrating the story, but well, ended preferring the military reports style because it would be quicker to do and easier to read since .mp3 would require some kind of embedded player or download.

      Regarding Clara, as you noticed on Chapter 28, she was the better choice until the end of her teenage years. But aging on the same day as her mother’s funeral was definitely too much for her. Both girls got “bad/neurotic” traits on their teenage birthday: Clara got insane and Antonia rolled neat. Since neat is something that I actually enjoy playing – and being neat myself *g – Antonia got the heiress position for a head up. 😀

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