Chapter 32: Invitation

Date: 7 November 2012, 10:25 GMT +1:00
Subject: About Maximiliano and Tomas’ birthday
Hello Sam,

I’m writing to invite you to Maximiliano and Tomas’ birthday. We’re going to celebrate it – as well as my return home – with a dinner party on Sunday, something around 6:00 or 6:30pm. I’d appreciate if you came.

Guests arrives for Maximiliano and Tomas birthday party

Antonia watches the guests

Guests getting in

Tomas faces his cake before aging into an young adult

Maximiliano's turn into young adult

Since I joined the Military we haven’t had much time to talk and we are in need of some catching up. Despite of what our family once believed we can’t deny our connection: we’re brother and sister. And a lot has changed in the last months… Clara found a journal that belonged to my mother. On it she recommends us to take care of one another and asks for at least of one of her girls to stay living at the estate in Summer Hill and carry on the family name. For me, it seemed just logical that Clara would assume such responsibility, but since our father also payed Charon his obol she’s been far too fragile.

Antonia all dressed up to work

I guess you haven’t seen her – or the boys – since our father’s funeral, have you? Renzo observed you seemed lost and uncomfortable in our house then. This time there will be no reason for such unpleasant feelings: we won’t be mourning, but happily celebrating life.

If you come, you’ll be surprised to see how little Renzo aged up: he still denies big birthday parties and outside gatherings for himself – in fact, he chose to celebrate his last birthday all by himself, placing and blowing the candles on top of the cake we bought him before me, Clara and the twins were home back from work – but the hairless boy we knew is now proudly parading a growing beard.

Once more is Renzo's birthday

Clara complains with Renzo

Renzo and Antonia talk about the dark old days

Hoping to see you again soon,

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Invitation

  1. Nicole says:

    I like this chapter… Is Antonia going to take over the house?

    • jurocha says:

      Yes, she is. It was a tough decision for me. I just love Clara’s eye color and making her the heir would increase my chances of getting this color on the 3rd generation. But when she developed the Insane trait… it was just a too good storyline to abandon. The expected heir, the perfect girl has a nervous breakdown and forces the family to revise its own ways. It was a reason to bring Antonia back and to make the family reunion. 🙂

  2. tipix7 says:

    Uhoh, Sam’s coming home? This will be an interesting reunion, I wonder if Clara holds her mother’s views on the matter? I can’t believe the boys are all grown up.

    Once again, loving the emails.

    • jurocha says:

      He showed up for the birthday and I discovered… he’s become an elder! Antonia and Sam talked a bit, but the house was full and the others didn’t have a chance – or time, or will even – to do the same.

      He’s sure coming back for a proper dinner soon!

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