Chapter 30: You’ve got e-mail

Date: 29 October 2012, 19:17 GMT +1:00
Subject: Please come back home
My dearest sister,

More than a year has passed since I last saw you and I don’t have a clue if you still check this e-mail address. You were never that much into computers and I can totally understand you. In a house as ours – or at least in a house as ours used to be – filled with eight people, three of them being younger siblings, it wasn’t that easy to find time to fool around in the internet. Therefore I can only hope… hope you’re up and well, hope you receive this message, hope you’ll accept what I’m about to ask.

I need you to come back. I need you to come home. Much has change since the night of your departure. The sad night of your departure and the last birthday we’ve celebrated together. The unbearable night of our rushed ripening in the face of our beloved mother’s grave. You shouldn’t have left. No one ever blamed you for what happened to her but yourself.

Brigida's funeral

Guests arriving at Brigida's funeral


Clara and Antonia mourn Brigida

Renzo and Leighton near Brigida's grave

Sam worries about his father at Brigida's funeral

Clara aging into an young adult

Antonia aging into an young adult

When I got to the master suite’s bathroom and saw her lying in the floor, she looked peaceful. I can imagine the shock it was to you to be the one to find her, specially because of the arguments that were happening then, but it wasn’t easy to me either. But she was 91 Simdays old! Even though I’d like to have her here to see how grown up the boys are, how creative Renzo and Maximiliano have turn out to be, how diligent and hard worker Tomas is…

Death calls for Brigida

Antonia finds Brigida's corpse

Calling Brigida's ghost

Clara joins the sad scene


Family awareness of Brigida's death

Heartbroken Leighton

I miss her so much. I miss daddy so much. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it before – Sunset Valley Times published a small piece about his career on the occasion of his death and we’ve also put a mass note on both the Times and The Sims Standard. If you haven’t, I’m sorry for being the holder of such horrid news.

He was so heartbroken when he lost mum and you on the same week. He launched himself on a tremendous house renovation; naively expecting you two to come home. You didn’t. Mum couldn’t. And he didn’t live long enough to see his project finished. He died before we finished what it’s supposed to be your apartment. You see, now all of us have our own house: I live to the left of a semi-detached house in the center of the estate and Renzo, Tomas and Maximiliano share a small guest house in the back of Summer Hill 15.

Leighton cries in the new living room

Death calls for Leighton

Please don't take me

Renzo is the first to find out about Leighton's passing

Leighton's funeral

Mourning Leighton

During the renovation, we happened to found a journal. Mum’s journal. I was much surprised because I never saw her writing on it, but she kept private notes since she moved to Sunset Valley. It was hidden below the old studio’s roof – the last part of our original house to be demolished, since all of us were so attached to it as it was the only reminiscence of mum’s youth. We eventually turned it down to gather money to finish the renovations and then…

New semi-detached house

Small guest house in the backyard

I’m still reading it, but I already know that: you need to come home. Our mum planned – and delayed for years – to have a serious conversation with us both. She wanted us to agree that at least one of us would stay here, taking care of the estate and the boys. Like a heir. It seems she had a long list of duties and ceremonies on her mind, but as far as I’ve gone into her private notes, she doesn’t really give details about these duties and ceremonies and neither which one of us should carry on the Paon tradition.

If you were still a hot-blooded teenager, I know you would probably say “You’re living in the mansion already. Do as you please”. But you’re not. As I’m no longer so sure of myself. I’m lost, Antonia. Sometimes I find myself talking out loud to the walls and I don’t even know what I was saying. And that’s why I need you. I need you to come here and help me figure out what the Paons are going to do next.

Clara talking to self

Clara manifesting her little madness

What was I doing?

I won’t extend this e-mail any longer. It already looks more like a letter than anything. Please write me back as soon as possible.

With love,

Sent from Sunset Valley, SimWorld
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7 thoughts on “Chapter 30: You’ve got e-mail

  1. tipix7 says:

    I can’t believe how much everything has changed! Brigida never lived to choose a heiress, and Antonia has moved out? Hope to see everything resolved soon, poor Clara ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • jurocha says:

      Talking about Sekemotos… I didn’t met any Randy on my game. Is he Leighton’s son or something?

      I guess Brigida and Leighton married before he could lure some other girl into having another child with him. Until his death only the five Paon kids and Sam were listed as his children.

      • tipix7 says:

        In my game I have Leighton, his son Sam, Randy and a sister who’s name I never remember. I’m not sure if Randy is Sam’s or Leighton’s since he’s old enough to be either. I’m pretty sure the girl is Sam’s though (or Leighton is just that awesome at having many children since she was a toddler when he was an elder).

        Never saw a wife, however.

  2. jurocha says:

    Yes, she died just one day after the never good 90 Simdays and I was suddenly… OMG! How am a dead person suppose to write a diary? Sims ghosts can be pretty interactive, I know, but I wasn’t willing to fall for the sci-fiction with this so far family history. So I had to come up with something… it took a couple days and with the problems with my Mac that followed Brigida’s death… weeks to go back on track.

    And just three or four days of playing to give the history the meaning it would need for a 2nd generation start… I had to deal with Leighton’s death! Well, everything is summarized in this chapter. Antonia’s answer will clarify some of these events.

    • tipix7 says:

      Wow, that’s quite early! I still find it hard to believe she’s gone and Leighton followed suit.

      Gizi actually lived to be 109 I believe? Hank died pretty early on, leaving me with broken toilets and no more handy-man discounts. Needless to say I curse his simname everytime a toilet breaks.

      The whole SF factor in the sims 3 is somethign I’ve avoided in my legacy so far. The ghosts bother me (Hank STOLE Saumon’s football and baseball everytime he visited, I kept having to buy new ones!) so I’ve fenced in the graveyard for safekeeping. They can float through walls, but a fence keeps them in. Go figure.

      Glad to see your Mac loves you again. Looking forwards to what Antonia reveals (:

  3. nessva says:

    So much has happened! You covered it all very creatively ๐Ÿ™‚ RIP Brigida and Leighton.

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