Chapter 28: It never rains, but it pours

Monday, winter 2010.

First there were a few grumpy looks and complains. Then late movies cravings and a repeated desrespect against the curfew.

What am I going to do with my life?

The midnight session

After curfew

Then a drop in school performance and the unreasonable accusation that I prefer Clara over her. No, diary, it’s not like that! HUMPF! I don’t have a clue about what is happening with Antonia. But I sure dislike it. She’s been acting weird for a few weeks already, but I was hoping it was just the teenage years annoying symptoms. Unfortunately, it might be more than her changing hormones. How could she possibly imply that I love her sister only?! As if it was possible for a mother to choose one kid above others. No, diary, it’s not. HUMPF! It’s just… It’s just that Clara is so mature that I don’t need to worry about her anymore: she is pursuing her dream of being a World Renowned Surgeon and has even applied for a job at the Divisadero Budget Books to save some money to pay for her college fees.

She said she doesn’t want us to pay for everything, since we still have Maximiliano and Tomas to raise. Isn’t it lovely? My baby girl is already worrying about her brothers and considering their safety before making her moves. She also helps them with their homeworks whenever she can and engage in encouraging conversations with them. Together with Renzo, who couldn’t care less about his telescope since it’s still hanging outside, she managed to awake an interest in science in Tomas. The youngest among us now spends hours polishing his logical skills and when he’s not outside searching the galaxy, he’s collecting compliments about his chess strategy from Renzo.

Assisting the youngers around school

A good chess strategy

I’d like to give the twin girls the power to choose, but how am I supposed to do that with Antonia spinning out of control? In fact, thanks to Antonia’s bitterness I had – again – to delay the talk about the heiress pick: the one who will be entitled with the care of the youngers as well as of the Paon’s state; the one who will document our family history with photos and portrays and will assure me a proper funeral as well as pass along this duties to the next generation.

I knew the girls weren’t ready to hear about my plans and ambitious when they made into their teenage years. However I couldn’t expect their personalities would change that much. Well, it didn’t in Clara’s case. She is still teh same loving girl she has always been; or better, since she stopped with her awful habit of licking plates after finishing her meal she had when she was younger. She would be more than prepare to talk about the heiress sucession system by now.

But there was Antonia. I was giving some more time to Antonia… maybe she would wake up to say to me “Hey, mom, I’ve been so foolish. Of course all I want to do is following my fathers’ steps” or even “Maybe it’s better if I don’t leave for college. I’ll stay here and volunteer myself to be the new assistan coach for the community school soccer team”. See? I was even OK with Antonia chosing to quit her studies to work. She could do whatever she pleased, since, of course, it would assure her a way to sustain herself in the coming years. It’s unlikely anything like this will happen now.

I raised her according to the highest simlish values. Why is she coming after me? I’m her mother, for Gosh’s sake. Everything I’ve done in my entire life was done aiming to give our family a luxurious life. When I was risking my health taking hormones so I could donate my eggs to unfortunated couples or when I was climbing up and down the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital stairs and going one room after another to clean bed pans, all I had in my mind was “I’ll have a perfect family”. Even when I realized I wasn’t progressing as fast as I would like to in the med career and started doing a side job here and there… it was all to our family. They weren’t born yet, but I was already preparing the house and my life to their arrival. How can Antonia not realize it?

What are you doing to your life?

Yes, diary, one can certainly say it never rains, but it pours. Besides Antonia’s “I don’t want do whatever you suggest me”-speech, I have to deal with a rebel haircut and…

A rebel haircut

…a tattoo!

New Antonia's tattoo

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 28: It never rains, but it pours

  1. tipix7 says:

    Rebel haircut, lol. My hair is cut to a similar style, yet I do not seem to be a rebel.

    Poor Brigida, how will she choose with her daughter acting out?!

    • jurocha says:

      I wear a short bob myself. And I had my days… *g

      I specially like the new tattoo of Antonia; it was a download from MTS and it looks great in-game! I couldn’t resist using it! And, regarding Brigida, well, it never rains… she’ll be facing a tough time ahead. Worse: it’s all happening when she’s supposed to have a quiet happy old age…

      • tipix7 says:

        Amazing how life never works out the way you plan it, even in the sims. Hopefully she finds some sort of peace in the twilight years of her virtual life.

        I love tattoos from MTS, It’s really tough not to put them on every sim I have.

  2. nessva says:

    I’m loving Antonia’s new look, though it doesn’t seem like Brigida will choose her as the heir..heh. I do like Clara, she seems very responsible and level-headed..definitely the better choice.

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