Chapter 26: Planning the future

Wednesday, winter 2010.

After leaving school today, Clara and Maximiliano called me asking if they could skip lunch and go visiting the Institut for Modern Art. I happily granted them permission because since Maximiliano has turned old enough to visit museums he has been asking me to take him, but I hadn’t yet found the time. That’s exactly where Clara came in: he started bothering her and being an art lover herself, she felt for the trick.

Clara and Maximiliano at the museum

Modern art

Oooh, the Simlisa!

When they arrived home by the end of the afternoon, Maximiliano ran to the studio to practise his painting skills. They boy was so excited and sure he would one day have a Simlisa-like masterpiece made by himself. Thanks to Renzo the studio was organized and clean… I must admit I haven’t been there much since Sam left and the shed was made a studio and not anymore a guests’ house. It’s my neat boy who is preserving it and fixing the cleaning gaps left by our maid.

Maximiliano first painting

Clara and I sat for a cup of moccacino in the kitchen and she told me Maximiliano have quite a good taste for artwork and that she believed he would really follow the art path. It wasn’t only a kid’s thing like she had, she added. It made me feel so guilty! Maybe I shoudn’t have hidden her xylophone when she was still a toddler! She had a natural talent for musical and could end being a great pianist, but during her childhood and even now she didn’t pay much attention to training her artistic skills and prefered to read lots of books about chess and elaborated logical concepts.

Even feeling guilty, I couldn’t help but put a smile of satisfaction in my face when she said she had decided to follow my early steps and join the medical career after she finished high school. Having a pianist daughter would be lovely, but having a doctor one is… just perfect! I will be able to rest assured that Clara won’t have problems sustaining herself. Doctors are well paid after all!

Ooh… it’s so surprising to see how my girls are aging. They are still close and usually sit side by side to do their homeworks, but while Clara plays with her younger brothers and plans the future, Antonia prefers to spend her time being trained by Leighton and insists she has no clue about what she will do when she finishes high school.

Doing homework

Antonia being trained by Leighton

Antonia is the only one who seems to doubt she will follow her father’s steps. To her, exercising is only another daily activity like going to school every morning, chatting with her best friend Kyle Page or even fishing now and then in the pound of the Summer Hill 25.

Chatting with Kyle

Trout or gold fish?

But I guess she still have time to realize her own away… the girls are only 16, for Gosh’s sake! I will wait a bit more for Antonia to find the maturity Clara has already found and then sit together with both of them to discuss the Paon legacy future. Let’s see what these two are going to say to me…

Twin girls at the highschool bus

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 26: Planning the future

  1. tipix7 says:

    It’ll be interesting to see who makes heiress πŸ™‚

    • jurocha says:

      I haven’t decided it yet… Clara has a more insteresting set of traits in my opinion; but Antonia was the first child and I like her looking. πŸ™‚

    • jurocha says:

      I can’t complain about my blog stats – sometimes I even believe WordPress is faking it (like when two days after publishing this chapter I got 77 page views!). But my audience doesn’t seem to be of the interactive type… *g

      And, besides that, I’m not sure if I would have the strenght to play with a heiress that I didn’t like. If I did have a preference in any case and people picked the other option, I would be devastaded!

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