Chapter 25: Another cake slice

Monday, winter 2010.

Having many children means many worries and sleepless nights, but it also means many blessings, cakes and birthday parties. At Summer Hill 15, we spend almost half of the months celebrating! First comes my own birthday and then two weeks later it’s Leighton’s. A season later it’s the girls turn and ending the birthday parade comes Renzo and the twin boys.

So don’t be surprised, dear diary, if I so often come to you to tell about friends gatherings, ballons and piñatas. I was still adapting myself to the fact that I now have teenagers at home – and being speechless most of the times when Antonia stayed wandering the city center after her curfew or when Clara sighed for no reason – when I realized the day has come to the twin boys. Maximiliano was far ahead of Tomas in knowledge and social skills; being easier to pacify, he learned how to walk, talk and use the potty before his brother. In fact, until the eve of their birthday I was still battling with Tomas to stop screaming and start using language to ask for his formula bottle. It’s not like Tomas isn’t clever: he can clearly talk – as I caught him angrily muttering with his blocks – but he still prefers to bother us when he wants something instead of politely ask for it.

Hard time

Teaching hours

Maximiliano can walk by himself

We threw a small party on Sunday inviting Megan Goddard, a friend of the girls from high school, my old, dear and naive friend Jamie Jolina and also Monika Page, with her two children, Kyle and Angelica. This time, Sam didn’t show up, but since he was never too connected to the boys, I wasn’t surprised. Leighton missed most of the party because of game that his team ended loosing, but made it to the “Happy birthday to you”!

Maximiliano about to become a child

Gathering for a cake slice

Tomas about to become a child

Birthday passage

Diet cake?

After the guests left, we revealed the boys’ gift: a brand new computer and a metal desk to their room. In fact, the gift contemplated not only the birthday-twins but also our Renzo, who had been facing annoying months sharing the room with two toddlers. Sometimes he even escaped to sleep in the master bedroom…

Scape to master bedroom

A brand new computer

I hope the new furniture arrangement and the older age of Maximiliano and Tomas put an end on it. I also hope that the older age eases the temper of my youngest, Tomas… Will it happen, diary?

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 25: Another cake slice

  1. tipix7 says:

    I love reading about the family dynamics. The thing with sims from birth till young adults is how many birthdays you have! They seem to live with perpetual parties.

    I’m interested to see what Tomas’ new trait is, since he seems to be grumpy already 🙂

  2. jurocha says:

    And multiplying this many birthdays per five… 😉 I have already two draft posts to publish: one about Maximiliano’s LTW and another birthday party! LOL. I’ll prepare something about Tomas; actually he’s the one I like the least from this generation, but since he still didn’t get the Brave family trait, I’ll have to pay special attention to his childhood to get the choose trait option…

    • tipix7 says:

      Ohh I hope he gets it! That would be awesome. I love Maximiliano and Tomas the most, but I don’t have to play them 😛

      • jurocha says:

        I like playing Maximiliano; he’s as neat as Renzo – even if neither of them have neat as traits – I wonder if that’s one of those hidden traits and have something to do with Brigida early days as Bed Pan Cleaner – and is always willing to visit the art gallery or paint. Basically he’s a natural artist… But Tomas! He’s never happy even when I do everything he wishes – and that’s his problem, he doesn’t get many wishes. Most of the time his wish menu is completely empty! Nothing pops up.

      • tipix7 says:

        Oh, I’ve never had a grumpy sim. Except for Abbie, and that was only for a sim week until things got to crowded. She had plenty of wishes, and even though she wasn’t a romantic she would mull around the house sighing and looking at her wedding ring, would kiss Darien the moment he walked into the room, give him massages after work- I was quite surprised! (I didn’t bother controlling herm since 8 sims is a lot to handle.)

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